Radicales libres ¿Qué son y cómo nos afectan?

Free radicals What are they and how do they affect us?

Radicales libres combátelos

We have heard to the full the terms "free radicals" but ... Do we really know what they are? How do they occur? Or how do they affect and what are the consequences that can lead to our skin? In Zaffiro Organica we want to clarify this concept better and that you can be aware of its harmful effects and the damages that this reactive molecule can produce in the medium and long term.


Free radicals and their influence on cell aging

Free radicals are molecules that are produced every day in our body as a result of biological reactions that take place in our cells. To some extent they are necessary for health, but this process has to be controlled with adequate antioxidant protection. If your body does not have enough antioxidants to counteract free radicals, they will inevitably end up damaging the tissues. In the case of free radicals in the skin, they attack collagen and elastin, which translates into loss of elasticity and firmness and ultimately more expression lines, more wrinkles, more allergies and in conclusion premature aging.


So .. How to win the battle against free radicals?

First we have to know what kind of things free radicals originate ... Nothing more and nothing less than life itself! They are part of our daily and daily life, we produce them through metabolism, the burning of glucose when exercising, or simply with the mere contact of external and unavoidable factors to a certain extent such as:

  1. Environmental pollution
  2. Pesticides, fungicides, preservatives, dyes ...
  3. Oxidative stress
  4. Heavy metals
  5. Cigarette smoke, alcohol ...
  6. Excess animal protein, processed foods with little nutritional value ...

We are constantly bombarded and exposed to toxins and chemicals that generate free radicals ... What we eat, drink or touch generates more or less free radicals ...


How can we counteract its effects on our skin?   

With a powerful injection of antioxidants that will result in a young, bright and full of vitality skin. Nothing better and healthier than the use of natural cosmetics. In Zaffiro Organica we are committed to our 100% health. All our cosmetics are natural and their certified organic ingredients of high quality, contain no toxic substances and are not tested on animals (Cruelty free). All of them free of Parabens, Silicones, Sulfates, Chemicals, Synthetic Perfumes, Synthetic Dyes, Phthalates, Gluten, Peg and Liquid Paraffin.    In Zaffiro Organica we are committed to healthy and natural cosmetics ... Do you join our challenge?

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