Test: Descubre qué tipo de cabello tienes y los cuidados que necesita

Test: find out what type of hair you have and the care that you need

tipo de cabello

In Zaffiro organica we welcome the autumn with this test, to that in the station where the hair is renewed with greater intensity, you can look your best. In this way you will discover what type of hair you have and what are their needs...And that is if when choosing your new arsenal of products to wear a hair dream, you confront the questions about what shampoo and hair treatment to use, in Zaffiro Organica you resolve all. Attentive 🤓✍

What type of hair you have: TEST

how often you wash your hair?

  • a) 2 times a week

  • b) Almost all the days

  • c) All the days

The Root of your Hair is more bien:

  • a) Dry

  • b) Normal

  • c) Fat

the Rest of The Hair presents a aspecto:

  • a) Brittle and parched

  • b) Silky

  • c) With a bit of sebum

¿you Have dandruff?

  • a) it Is more peeling of the leather cabelludo.

  • b) sometimes

  • c) Never

¿Your hair is easy to comb?

  • a) Not

  • b) Only when I use a conditioner or mask

  • c) Yes

In general would you say your hair es:

  • a) Off with lack of shine

  • b) Oily at the roots, dry at the tips

  • c) Bright but with the passage of time becomes fatty

The touch would you say that your hair es:

  • a) Rough, like a loofah

  • (b) Silky

  • c) Sticky and greasy.

Tu skin es:

  • a) Dry or very dry

  • b) Normal pulling mixed

  • c) Mixed fucking fat

If you answered mostly A: You have dry hair

Your hair is brittle, difficult to untangle, and ultimately dry by the lack of production of sebum. A hair off which is usually due to the use of shampoos too aggressive. What you don't have to do: wash it too often unravel it in a violent manner to Make a permanent or a straightening, fading it with ammonia, Exposing it to the sun without protection or use in excess products that heat up the hair. What you can do: We will use our mask Biofiller with its star ingredient, hyaluronic acid, you will retain and maintain the moisture hydrating to stop your hair. In addition, our Conditioner Shea Butter, olive oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, spirulina, burdock, honey and hops, will tease and nourish, immediately your hair, thanks to its properties reestructuradoras.


If you answered mostly B: You have a normal hair, or healthy

Congratulations, because if you're one of the lucky ones who have answered mostly B, forms part of the small circle of those who do not have to worry for your mane. Neither too dry nor too oily, you produce the required amount of sebum so that your hair is protected at the same time brilliant. Your goal is to keep it as is. What you don't have to do, or what have you of evitar: mistreatment, by in general lines (just a hair so you have to pamper it!) How? Using natural products, free of toxics, use too many tools, heat, fading it in excess, wash it with water that is too hot... What you can do: Use any of our products natural and free of toxic. We recommend especially our Spray Biofiller to protect your hair tools calor.


If you answered mostly C: you Have Oily hair,

stress, junk food, hormones... Can influence to have an oily hair . The sebum is a fluid necessary which protects the scalp, but that when you do not segregate in a balanced manner and does so in excessive amounts, it gives the hair look oily and shiny. What not to do or what to avoid: toquetear the hair during the day, 2 in 1 products, brushing and massaging the scalp with a lot of force, wash the hair with water too hot... The goal is not to excite the sebaceous glands and reduce the production of sebum. And, of course, try to reduce the excess of saturated fats (meats, fried foods, white bread) on the table. What you can hacer: Our Shampoo with keratin plant without parebenos or silicones is ideal to effectively clean both the hair and the scalp. It also prevents the flaking in the scalp and dandruff.

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