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¿Usas el protector solar?

Do you use the sunscreen?

In summer, many people want to achieve a nice tan, thinking that tanned skin is more beautiful and above all believing that sunscreen prevents us from achieving this goal. Nothing...
by Communitymanager shopify on August 03, 2020
En verano no te quemes, protege tu piel

In summer don't burn, protect your skin

¿How many times have we seen on the beach or the pool to someone, “red as a crab or a shrimp in the paella?”. And when you come back from...
by Communitymanager shopify on July 10, 2020
Vitamin A- C- E

Vitamins required for your skin and your hair

The vitamin C brightens, the vitamin prevents cell damage and vitamin E has a high power anti-aging. But there's more... find out what vitamins you need to have the beautiful...
by Communitymanager shopify on June 18, 2020
Antioxidantes: fortalece tu sistema inmunológico mientras cuidas tu piel

Antioxidants: strengthens your immune system while you take care of your skin

You've probably heard a lot about the antioxidants and the positive effect they can have on the general health of your body. This is a great time to learn more...
by Communitymanager shopify on March 31, 2020
Protector solar: probablemente no lo estás usando de la manera óptima para tu piel

Sunscreen: You're probably not using it the best way for your skin

It might seem intuitive or even common sense, to use sunscreen specifically in case of  prolonged exposure to the sunlight (especially if you have sensitive skin), to avoid the known health...
by Communitymanager shopify on March 23, 2020
Australian Pink Clay

Pink clay: the perfect ingredient to exfoliate, clean and moisturize sensitive skin

Few natural ingredients have as many benefits for the skin as clay. There are several types of clay, including the green, which offer great benefits for the skin, as it absorbs...
by Communitymanager shopify on March 18, 2020