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Hyaluronic acid anti aging skincare natural




INCI: Helix aspersa muller extract

OBTAINING:  Our snail slime has the Italian certification of organic farming. The process is as follows, the breeding takes place on land and in the open without damaging them, assigning the snails to mate and multiply. Unlike other European countries such as France and Spain, where they keep and breed the snail under artificial conditions (in greenhouse, in containers or in the enclosure). The company has 5,000 square meters, of which 4,000 are dedicated to the production of organic spiral snails. 

Snails feed on, seeded vegetables without using any type of chemical fertilizer. The extraction of the snail slime is done manually: by collecting the snails, washing them with water and moved gently with the fingers, this movement causes its debarking, which is a natural defense of the snails. 

Once the slime is obtained, the snails are quickly washed with water and taken back to the ground where they will continue their life. The slime is  baked and filtered to remove any impurities. 

This method is very tedious and expensive, but it allows us to obtain a mixture of high quality, without affecting life and without causing stress to our snails. 

BENEFITS: The benefits of snail slime are multiple and proven: it increases the elasticity of the skin thanks to regenerative effect, blurs acne marks, stretch marks or scars; attenuates wrinkles, nourishes and cleanses the dermis. It helps to create a protective layer that prevents the aging of the skin, especially due to external factors such as pollution.