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6 tips to take care of your skin during spring

by Zaffiro Organica on March 23, 2019

6 tips to take care of your skin during spring

At Zaffiro Organica, we were eager to welcome the spring!!! And it has finally arrived and decided to stay! Today, we want to talk about the care that your skin will need in this particular season ...

And if we have not been diligent with our winter beauty program, this season will leave us a dry and damaged skin, because of wind, cold and humidity. So, before spring aggravates this problem of allergies and other types of dermatological problems, it is best to know how to take care of our skin at this time of year.
For this, we offer you 6 ESSENTIAL tips:


6 tips to take care of your skin during spring

  As skin is the first organ to detect climate change, its care requires special attention. We already know that the time will completely change, so if you do not want to see your skin changes too, you will need willpower and commitment to keep an essential facial routine for your skin. At Zaffiro Organica, we are aware of this need for the health and beauty of your skin. We offer you the following tips to make it spectacular. We also remind you that we have applied a 20% discount on our entire site to get the necessary products of this season, always at the best price!


  • Cleansing and exfoliation: we must be disciplined with this step. It is essential to remove any trace of contaminating particles or substances harmful to the skin. For gentle and effective cleaning, we recommend you our micellar water with aloe vera, centaury and calendula. As for the exfoliation, just do it once a week to get a thorough cleansing.
  • Hydration: nothing better at this time of year than using cosmetics with natural ingredients and applying them morning and evening without exception. At Zaffiro Organica, we only use 100% certified organic ingredients without toxic substances. Therefore, we assure you that you will notice the difference! Our recommendation for effective and natural hydration is a daily application of our moisturizing and firming cream with shea butter, Goji berries and tomato extract ... Moreover, it is of course crucial to drink at least two liters of water a day to hydrate from the inside as well.


6 tips to take care of your skin during spring


  • Sun preparation: Indispensable from the first rays of the sun for a firmer, smooth and toned skin as well as to prevent stains, aging of the skin, stretch marks and cellulite. That's why we recommend our organic oil for the face, body, nails and hair that will delight even the most demanding skin. This anticellulite oil has a firming and toning action, non-greasy and is quickly absorbed. 
  • Exercise: For the body to better adapt to increasing daylight and maintain its energy, it is necessary to do some exercises. It will also help your skin to stay luminous and perfect.  
  • Food: a balanced diet can be observed inside and outside your body. This will help your skin to look radiant. 
  • Use the right products for your skin: Of course, knowing your skin type to know which products are appropriate is important to know what to choose and for us to advise you. 

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