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Come eliminare la cellulite e le smagliature in modo naturale

How to get rid of cellulite and stretch marks naturally

  Have you decided to eliminate cellulite once and for all? Are you tired of the skin with stretch marks left by pregnancy, excessive weight loss or being fat? Do you...
by Zaffiro Organica S.C.P. J66963976 on September 24, 2021
Avena; Il segreto della bellezza naturale per pelle e capelli sani

Oats; The secret of natural beauty for healthy skin and hair

Oatmeal is one of the most popular cereals, the benefits of which Egyptians already enjoyed in ancient times, thanks to its high protein content. And is that these, give a...
by Communitymanager shopify on September 24, 2021
Argilla Rosa: l'ingrediente perfetto per illuminare, esfoliare, detergere ed idratare la pelle sensibile

Pink clay: the perfect ingredient to exfoliate, clean and moisturize sensitive skin

Few natural ingredients have as many benefits for the skin as clay. There are several types of clay, including the green, which offer great benefits for the skin, as it absorbs...
by Communitymanager shopify on September 23, 2021
Usi la protezione solare?

Do you use the sunscreen?

In summer, many people want to achieve a nice tan, thinking that tanned skin is more beautiful and above all believing that sunscreen prevents us from achieving this goal. Nothing...
by Zaffiro Organica S.C.P. J66963976 on September 22, 2021
crema viso con pomodoro antimacchia

Yummy tomato!

Here we go with our first post, how exciting ! We are going to reveal the secret ingredient contained in our cream: Tomato extract!  Tomatoes are rich in water, minerals...
by Zaffiro Organica on May 13, 2021
Le vitamine di cui pelle e capelli hanno bisogno

Vitamins required for your skin and your hair

The vitamin C brightens, the vitamin prevents cell damage and vitamin E has a high power anti-aging. But there's more... find out what vitamins you need to have the beautiful...
by Communitymanager shopify on June 18, 2020