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Zaffiro Organica was born in 2016 from the great desire of two Italian sisters, Cinzia Damiano and Ilaria Damiano, to create a new line of organic cosmetics: for all those who make an important decision for their health. Our natural cosmetics are of the highest quality, free of toxic substances, and above all not tested on animals. A unique and innovative formula created for Men and Women: there is no better way to share our experience with our loved one. We collaborate with an Italian laboratory expert in the production of natural cosmetics, and we use only certified organic farming ingredients, carefully selected with the hand of experts. Our natural beauty products convey to the body and mind a feeling of total well-being, giving us a healthy relaxation, for a young and well-groomed appearance. Our best companions have no less than four legs. We love animals, they are our best friends, we must take care of them and above all they must be respected. Our products are not tested on animals.

Organic Sapphire inspires you to love nature and yourself , for a better, ecobio and Cruelty Free world. If, like us, you believe in a better world, you are in the right place, where we offer you the best experience of well-being and balance of mind and body. We respond to the needs of each person, the satisfaction of our customers is very important to us, our customers are part of our family and for this reason we love to pamper them.

With Organic Sapphire, your skin and mind will thank you!