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Our products are free of the following Parabens, Silicone, Sulfates, Chemicals, Synthetic Fragrances, Synthetic colorants, Phtalates, Gluten, PEG, Liquid paraffin

What are parabens?

Parabens are a type of preservative that can be organic - for example found in blueberries - or inorganic, which are the vast majority. These became known in the twentieth century and were consolidated as preservatives in products such as toothpastes, deodorants, shampoos, makeup, but also soft drinks and pastries.

These substances are approved by the World Health Organization and cataloged as low toxicity and safe products.

However, a little more than a decade ago a study was carried out with carcinogenic tissue: in this we found a preponderant presence of these substances, especially in breast cancer samples. Several studies suggest that parabens have an effect of imitation with estrogen, the female hormone, which could contribute to the development of tumors. While parabens are well absorbed by the intestinal tract - therefore, there is no problem in our food - when we talk about the skin there is a strong resistance on the part of the epidermis to absorb it, which can cause accumulation of these substances and health problems.

In Zaffiro Organica we bet on a healthy cosmetics, free of parabens, to avoid this possibility in any case.


Save natural cosmetics  without parabens


What’s the silicone?

Silicone is a chemically synthesized polymer, considered non-toxic and non-flammable. While silicone provides several advantages as a cosmetic substance - protector of skin and hair, prevents the loss of water - it also has its disadvantages, and is that it is a substance that neither skin nor hair can absorb and so therefore, it accumulates in the epidermis. This causes the pores to be clogged and the skin to age if there is no good hygiene: although there is, the silicone is not biodegradable and therefore is a polluting agent. In addition, it is a very common allergen agent and although it has an immediate effect on wrinkles, it is only superficial and not deep.

Zaffiro Organica does not work with silicones because we believe in respect for the environment, in natural and organic products.


natural cosmetics without silicone


What are the sulfates?

Sulfates are mostly used in the use of shampoos because they clean deep and generate foam. Its disadvantages are that it does not stop being a synthetic product, aggressive to the scalp - it drags dirt so that the hair is left without any protection in the form of grease - and can cause irritation in several cases, being an allergen.

Zaffiro Organica avoids sulfates because it is a chemical and a very aggressive allergen: we believe that nature offers better solutions for our beauty.


What are the synthetic fragrances?

In cosmetics, a fragrance is a substance – whether it’s natural or synthetic – that is added to a product to give it a better smell. So, while the natural fragrances are not harming at all for our health, the synthetic might be. Chemically they can be alcohols or aldehydes. They appear mostly as parfum or fragrance.

The synthetic fragrances are some pretty common allergens and, in spite of this, their composition is quite unknown: most of them are in fact patented, so analyzing their toxicity is nearly impossible. Moreover, it’s not used one fragrance at a time: the smell of a product is the result of the combination of some synthetic fragrances, what makes the final effects even more unpredictable.

In this way, Zaffiro Organica goes with a natural and ecologic concept of cosmetics, without any kind of synthetic fragrances nor substances that can provoke allergies to the consumers.


natural cosmetics without synthetic perfumes


What’s the gluten?

The gluten is a set of proteins that’s present in the flour of different kinds of cereals: wheat, barley, rye and oats, including all the combinations of the previous. The gluten is a more common allergen day by day: the so-called celiac collective is always growing and so it does the number of products without gluten.

The gluten is not only in our food: sometimes we can find it in cosmetic products such as lipsticks, creams or makeup bases. The gluten isn’t only introduced in our body while eating but also through the absorption our skin makes of the products we cover it with, such as creams.

Zaffiro Organica philosophy is to make products free of allergens, and so gluten free. Celiac people can use our organic and natural products without any fear.


What are the allergens?

An allergen is any substance that can provoke an allergic reaction to the human body. Our immune system can detect any substance as rare or dangerous and create an antibody to fight it: that’s what really provokes the visible allergic reaction. Despite there exist a huge quantity of allergies, some of them are more common than others.

So Zaffiro Organica considers that avoiding the use of some substances that tend to be allergic is healthier for the consumer and prevents any unwanted event.


What are the PEGs?

The PEGs are substances that come from the petroleum – like the plastic – and are usually used in cosmetics because they are cheap and easy to get.

It must be said that they are really useful, as they join oily and watery substances that otherwise would be difficult to join.

PEGs are really stable, which increases the durability of the products and which is, in fact, an enormous trouble for the environment. Moreover, they increase our skin’s permeability so that cosmetics can penetrate our skin more easily, which isn’t always good.  

Zaffiro Organica wishes to offer the clients a totally natural cosmetic, so we don’t use PEG while creating our products.


What’s the liquid paraffin?

The liquid paraffin is another petrochemical – it can be obtained through coal though – really used in cosmetics. It’s odorless, insipid, waxy and white. It’s used in cosmetics because it softens the skin and creates a protective layer that maintains the humidity and temperature of the skin stable. On the other side, the liquid paraffin obstructs the pores and prevents the skin from breathing.

The liquid paraffin isn’t biodegradable, and so it goes against the ecologic philosophy of Zaffiro Organica. It’s an artificial substance mostly used due to its low cost that has been demonstrated to be harmful for our health. Zaffiro Organica has, indeed, decided to eliminate all trace of liquid paraffin in its product line.