Acondicionador Orgánico con Manteca de Karité

Organic Conditioner with Shea Butter

Acondicionador Orgánico con manteca de karité


Get some dreamy curls with our Organic Shea Butter Conditioner! Finally, your curls defined and without frizz, thanks to the best selected ingredients and their versatility in the application mode. You can use it as leave-in or without rinsing modeling your hair and curls, or as a conditioner to untangle and nourish, rinsing it after 3 or 4 minutes of application. A product based on shea butter, coconut oil, aloe vera, spirulina, burdock, honey and hops that will delight your hair and give your curls, that extra care they need so much.


Organic conditioner with Shea Butter; Get 10 curls with 10% discount on your first purchase.   


And is that the best version of your hair you will discover using this product that not only conditions but also serves as a styling to give manageability to your curls and an extraordinary definition and volume. And now by signing up for our newsletter, take your conditioner with 10% discount!

The Zaffiro Organica conditioner can be used in different ways: As a conditioner, after washing the hair with shampoo, and rinsing it after application.

As a styling product without rinsing. In the first case, we will treat the hair for a simple hydration. Letting it act for 3 or 4 minutes will be enough to restore the production of sebum on the scalp. Rinse if possible with cold water. In the second case as a leave-in product, that is, without rinsing, we will provide intense hydration and nutrition, ideal for the most dry and frizzy hair.

We apply from medium to ends and without exceeding the dose to leave no trace of the product in the hair.


For what type of hair is indicated:   


Actually it is ideal for all types of hair: normal, dry, curly, brittle, delicate, weak, treated, etc ... The best ally for anyone who wants and needs extra hydration. What are you waiting for to try it and make your hair its best version ?! Also now take your conditioner with 10% discount by signing up for our newsletter! You will receive the best offers and promotions and you will be the first to know about all our news!

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