Addio ai capelli grassi per sempre. 5 Tips

Goodbye to oily hair forever. 5 Tips


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When the sebaceous glands produce more than they should, we are talking about oily hair. This hyperactivity of the glands can be due to several reasons. Among these, hormonal imbalances, lack of vitamins, iron or poor nutrition.. ... But how can we control it? In Zaffiro Organica we want to offer you these tips and remedies to know how we should take care of them. 

Tips to control oily hair permanently  

If you want to keep greasy hair at bay and all its annoying consequences: heavy hair, dirty feeling, oily, flat hair, etc ... Follow these guidelines that we offer in Zaffiro Organica so that they are always clean, silky and with volume. 

Don't touch your hair excessively 
If you are one of those who never stops touching your hair, you must know that these gestures can dirty your hair more quickly. Avoid this by applying a hair clip, making a nice tail or braid your hair. 

Choose an excellent shampoo 

You need a specific shampoo that deeply cleanses and regulates sebum secretion by adding volume and protecting the hair and scalp from toxic substances, silicones, alcohols, etc. Our keratin vegetable shampoo is ideal for daily use. 

Conditioner yes, but light 

Our conditioner with shea butter, coconut oil, aloe vera, spirulina is a natural treatment that protects, softens and brightens dry and fragile hair, counteracting sun damage and chemical treatments. 
Use water that is not very cold and not very hot, preferably lukewarm 

Hot water stimulates the production of hair grease and very cold water does not eliminate dirt or shampoo well. A trick! The sebaceous glands are particularly active at night so washing your hair is better in the morning. 

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