Antiossidanti: rinforza il sistema immunitario mentre ti prendi cura della pelle

Antioxidants: strengthens your immune system while you take care of your skin

You've probably heard a lot about the antioxidants and the positive effect they can have on the general health of your body. This is a great time to learn more about of antioxidants, which are famous for help you give it an excellent look and health to your skin. But also, are a valuable recurso to strengthen your immune system, improving the performance of your body in general, and by helping you to fight infections and damage a quick and efficient manner. And even better, it's a good time to learn how, thanks to the antioxidants, you can strengthen your immune system with the simple fact of taking care of your piel.

What are antioxidants, and why are they so good for your body

Antioxidants basically are molecules that, as their name implies, help prevent oxidation of other molecules. Many of the natural processes of our bodies generate several types of waste, including substances known as free radicals, that also absorb through the pollution of our environment. The radical free affect the performance of our immune system, which can return us vulnerable to infections and diseases. Can get to cause some inflammation that could be problematic when you reach old age, increasing the possibilities of ciertas cardiovascular conditions, decreased energy, decreased concentration and sleep disorders, stress, wrinkles and spots that appear on the piel.

Fortunately, our body also generates and absorbs antioxidants, that neutralize free radicals, and help us to prevent its harmful effects. In general, this will help us to mantenernyou healthy, and encourage the processes of aging, particularly noticeable in the skin. The antioxidants help us to maintain the elasticity, proper hydration, color, and texture of our skin.

How to care for your skin with antioxidants while fortaleces your immune system

There are many ways that you can care for your skin, involving an absorption of antioxidants, that will help you improve your immune system, and by extension, to keep you more healthy, and raise the capacity of your body of saggingirr diseases. Perhaps the primary way to get antioxidants it is through the diet. But there are many products of care of your skin, which used precisely, antioxidants to repair and protect the skin, and that consequently they can improve your immune system. For example, our body oil for body, face and nails has various ingredients rich in antioxidants, as grape seed or sunflower oil, that will strengthen not only the health and beauty of your skin, but also the health and endurance of your body.


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