Argilla Rosa: l'ingrediente perfetto per illuminare, esfoliare, detergere ed idratare la pelle sensibile

Pink clay: the perfect ingredient to exfoliate, clean and moisturize sensitive skin

Few natural ingredients have as many benefits for the skin as clay. There are several types of clay, including the green, which offer great benefits for the skin, as it absorbs the excess moisture and eliminates fat. However, this can be problematic for sensitive or dry skin, which needs gentler ways of nourishing and cleating impurities. Here is where pink clay really shines. With a lighter consistency, it brings significant benefits, without invasive effects, making it ideal for almost any type of skin.



The benefits of amazonian pink clay for sensitive skin


When speaking of clay, it is important to mention the benefits of the clay that comes specifically from the amazon. The purity of these ingredients make them particularly nutritious for the skin, and guarantee to avoid any unwanted contamination. In addition to that, by consuming products with these ingredients, we support the economic fluidity of the communities that are in charge of collecting them.

Unlike other types of clay, amazonian pink clat (which is a combination of red and white clays), does not extract moisture from the skin, but helps to preserve it, as well as the natural oils of the skin. Therefore, it is the best option to restore the correct moisture in dry skin, while nourishing it with minerals such as silica. Its texture is ideal for a light peeling, perfect for sensitive skin.


Pink clay is also widely used to remove imperfections on the skin, such as blackheads, congestion, or rashes. Therefore, it has a particular appeal for people who are looking to treat acne problems. All these properties make the pink clay a friendly and safe way to pamper the skin of the face and body of any person.


Which products to look amazonian pink clay in?

If you would like to begin to test the effects of the pink clay of the amazon on your skin, we recommend you look for it as an ingredient in micellar gel, to apply it to your skin while you clean it, remove make up from it, work on its tone and remove imperfections from it. Of course, you can also look for it in the form of facial mask, to revitalize, and rejuvenate your skin.

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