Avena; Il segreto della bellezza naturale per pelle e capelli sani

Oats; The secret of natural beauty for healthy skin and hair

beneficios de la avena

Oatmeal is one of the most popular cereals, the benefits of which Egyptians already enjoyed in ancient times, thanks to its high protein content. And is that these, give a high biological value, which added to the proportion of vegetable fats (54% of unsaturated fats and 46% of linoleic acid), make it a powerful antioxidant that moisturizes and softens the skin and deep hair. 


Oats; A source of protein and nutrients for the diet, hair and skin 

Benefits of oats for our hair 

If you want to strengthen, hydrate and make your hair shine like the sun, nothing better than the properties of oats to get it. The lack of hydration on the scalp causes that itch, which oatmeal, thanks to its moisturizing power, eliminates dryness. If you have a sensitive scalp, nothing better than our oatmeal shampoo to protect and take care of it. 

Benefits of oats for our skin 

In our skin, oatmeal helps to level our PH, preventing irritation, redness and itching, as it prevents dryness. It will also keep it hydrated and toned. It also acts as a scrub by removing dead cells and impurities such as pimples and acne. In addition, oats contain "saponins", a kind of natural cleanser, which removes dirt and grease from the pores 

And is that oats have many benefits for the health of the skin and hair, thanks to the intake of proteins and minerals such as calcium and magnesium or its trace elements such as silicon and potassium which are a gift for 100% natural cosmetics and nutrition. 

Only by changing some of our habits and routines can we get the results that we want to improve our body, our hair and our skin. 

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