Los Beneficios de baba de caracol para nuestra piel

Snail Slime

Los Beneficios de baba de caracol para nuestra pielDid you know that in the American villages “Mapuche” (Chile and Argentina) people have been using it for centuries. If snail slime is new to us, those people use it for its skin repairing properties and that for a long time already.

The snail slime’s properties are a true treasure of nature, snails have the ability to heal and regenerate themselves through their secretions.

Snail slime contains 3 things:

Collagen and elastin: Help the skin flexibility and elasticity, erase wrinkles and reduce stretch marks.

Proteins and vitamins: snail brings to its slime plant origin proteins and vitamins that disinflame and nourish the skin.

Allantoin: Healing and regenerating skin substance, which reduces acne and slows the aging of the skin.

Snail slime contains many natural properties that it is important to know.

It has natural healing properties that are effective with tissue repair, replacing dead cells with new and healthy cells. This way the snail slime eliminates scars, burn marks, acne, and removes or attenuates stretch marks.

It also has an exfoliating effect, which helps to remove dead skin cells to recover luminosity and eliminate spots, blackheads and marks.

The snail slime antioxidants help reducing wrinkles, giving the skin a rejuvenating effect.

In addition, it strengthens the skin, as it contains collagen and elastin, substances that give to the fibers of the skin smoothness and strength, preventing flaccidity.

Snail slime can enhance its properties and benefits if combined with other natural substances. The Zaffiro Organica Eye Contour Cream contains snail slime and many more natural ingredients for your skin!

Why use chemicals when nature already has what your body and your skin needs!



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Contorno occhi davvero fantastico, l’unico che dopo tanti mi ha dato un risultato soddisfacente. Consegna molto rapida, non unge e non lascia odori.Da provare


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