Come eliminare la cellulite e le smagliature in modo naturale

How to get rid of cellulite and stretch marks naturally


eliminar celulitis

Have you decided to eliminate cellulite once and for all? Are you tired of the skin with stretch marks left by pregnancy, excessive weight loss or being fat? Do you want to remedy once and for all and have healthy, smooth and toned skin? Keep reading ... 

And if your answers to all our questions were "yes, you're lucky! In Zaffiro Organica we give you all the keys so that, with much perseverance and patience, you put an end to this annoying aesthetic problem that affects everyone (or almost everyone )  


Stretch marks and cellulite; Everything you didn't know to get rid of it 

You have a goal: get rid of cellulite and stretch marks before wearing a bikini this summer. Well, removing it from your body is possible if we are constant and arm ourselves with patience with an appropriate lifestyle. The winning combination will be: the practice of sport regularly, healthy eating habits and a beauty routine for skin care, will be responsible for "doing the miracle" that we so much wish.  


Sport: the indispensable remedy to prevent and reduce cellulite and stretch marks 


Exercising is essential because it improves circulation, oxygenates the skin and eliminates toxins .... Therefore, it restores the natural appearance of our skin by preventing fluid retention or fighting tired legs. 

Cardiovascular and toning exercise will be the perfect tandem to gradually reduce both stretch marks and cellulite and prevent their appearance. 


Take care of your diet 

Banana, due to its high potassium content, promotes diuresis and healthy blood circulation. Asparagus, due to its bioflavonoid content, help strengthen capillaries and reduce "orange skin". Lentils and quinoa, infusions, onion, blue fish, drink 2l. of water a day ... These are some of the foods that can help us reduce and prevent cellulite and stretch marks. Above all, avoid coffee, alcohol and sugar, which hinder oxygenation and blood circulation. 


Healthy routine to avoid cellulite 

Finish the shower with a good jet of cold water on the legs, starting from the ankles to the hip. So nothing better than a good massage with our 100% natural body oil. Enriched with resveratol, sweet almond oil, sunflower seeds, rosemary essential oil and bitter orange. Thanks to its firming, elasticizing and toning action, it stimulates local microcirculation, making it an excellent ally to combat skin imperfections such as cellulite and stretch marks. 

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