Come proteggere la pelle dalle macchie e dalle rughe quest’estate?

¿How to take good care of your skin and prevent it from getting spots and wrinkles in summer?

¿How to take good care of your skin and prevent it from getting spots and wrinkles in summer? 

Every day we expose our skin to pollution and clog our pores with makeup and products that often have some chemicals that can affect our skin. This can lead to dry skin, acne, to have spots and wrinkles quickly if we do not give a good treatment. 


Clean your face every day with Organic Micellar Water: 

Using a product without chemicals is better for the skin since it does not produce secondary reactions and totally benefits our skin, leaving it clean and hydrated. That's why we recommend in the morning and at night we can clean our skin with our 100% natural micellar water that, with its ingredients like Aloe Vera, Centaurea and Calendula, helps attract oily particles like a magnet and remove them by the repellent action. In the same way, eliminate all the residues that may remain on the face as environmental pollution or makeup that accumulates on your skin. 

Hydrate your skin: 

Use after cleansing your skin a moisturizing cream that deepens in all the layers of your skin. There are many moisturizers, but they only help on the skin surface. That's why we recommend our moisturizing cream with extracts of tomato, almond oil and organic resin, as it is a valuable essence that has an anti-aging action, fights the signs of time (wrinkles) promotes the elastin and collagen naturally that are essential to follow having a smooth and healthy skin. It is a rebalancing in all skin types and soothing in the sensitive. Illuminates, nourishes, moisturizes and restores. It will erase age spots and fight sunburn thanks to the calming action of OMEGA 3 acids regenerate the skin in depth. Its unique formula eliminates wrinkles of expression and reduces the deepest. Formulated to fight the aging of the skin, it increases its elasticity strengthening the protection of the lipid barrier. 

Drink water: 

During the day we recommend drinking at least 2 liters of water as it is important for the body to be hydrated in this way it makes an adequate elimination of toxins and thus the skin will be brighter naturally and healthier.


Protect your skin from ultraviolet (UV) radiation:

The sun is a great friend to our body and energy if it is taken in a good way. The sun in excess can be very harmful to the skin because if we do not protect it from ultraviolet rays it can cause the appearance of premature wrinkles and spots. That's why we recommend our sunscreen SPF 50 Zaffiro Organic Natural Cosmetics has 100% natural and certified organic ingredients that protects your skin from dangerous UVA and UVB rays while moisturizing the skin with Calendula and Argan Oil. This formula is white and light and can be applied every day to protect from sunburn. This cream is specially developed for the skin of your body. Its ingredients hydrate and protect even in very sensitive and oily skin types due to its mineral filters. Powerful antioxidants work to slow the signs of aging. 

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