¿Cómo aplicar la crema para el contorno de los ojos?

How to apply your eye contour cream?

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How to apply your eye contour cream?

When we think about it, we realize that the eyes are very sensitive in general, if you have ever stuck an eyelash, you will know how quickly they can be hurt and irritated, is the same with the skin around the eye, is very sensitive, should be treated with the care. It is easy to see (and feel) that the skin around the eyes is much thinner than the skin in other areas of our body, it is fragile and irritable, as it contains fewer oil glands, which means that the area can become dry or aggravate easily. In fact, the eyelids are one of the most fragile parts of the human body and, as such, should be treated with great care. If you have sensitive skin, the area around your eyes may be even more sensitive, which means you need to use super-soft products.

Before we have revealed to you how to light your eyes by integrating an eye contour treatment into your beauty routine, now we give you our most prized tips to apply it correctly. Because the skin in this area is very thin and sensitive, the application of the eye contour cream shouldn’t be taken lightly. The eye cream helps moisturize and even skin tone, to make it look more awake, but of course! if it is applied correctly.

Things we should NOT do when applying eye contour cream:

1) Use too much product, we only need the equivalent of a grain of rice to nourish the eye area.

2) Place the product too close to the eyes, if you are applying the product on the eyelids or near your eyelashes, that is too close. So, don’t forget to keep your distance.

3) Rubbing the area intensely, remember the skin around the eyes is the most delicate skin on the body, so there is no reason to handle it roughly. Instead, apply the eye cream, with gentle strokes and tapping, using the tip of the ring finger, as it is the most delicate, having less muscle exerts less pressure.

4) Go in a hurry, give a little time to the eye cream to be absorbed before continuing with the makeup. This prevents it from moving, when you are applying makeup on.

5) Skipping the hydration routine, just as you must cleanse your skin and moisturize twice a day, you should also apply the eye cream morning and night.

6) Not using it in a preventive way, a very frequent mistake is to start using the eye cream once you start to show signs of aging. But in reality, there's no reason to wait!


Now that you know, what you should avoid doing, we will tell you how to apply the eye contour cream

Before, it is important to have perfectly clean skin and understand why it should be applied on the bone part of the eye contour area, is because, when the cream is absorbed its ingredients move through the area, to obtain the result we are looking for.

The first step is the fastest, in 3 seconds, you just have to heat the product in your hands with the tips of your fingers, rubbing the product between the ring and the thumb. This gesture will simply take cream to your body temperature and it will help promote immediate effectiveness.

Second step apply the cream on the bony area around the eyes, with the tip of the ring finger from the inside out. Repeat 3 times below and then above the eyes, from the inside corner to the outside corner. It is recommended to proceed in this order to respect the direction of the lymphatic circulation.

It is important to do it over the entire eye contour. To help you delimit this area, is the bone of the orbit of the eye, which is located just below the eye and just below the eyebrow, use it as a point of reference to go around.

Many like to apply this product when they wake up or only at night, to relax their eyes, but in reality, we should apply the product twice daily, at night and in the morning. One of the missions of this treatment is to deeply nourish and hydrate the eye contour, but you have to do it right.


Although proper application is still the essential step to avoid weakening the eye contour, here are some tips to prevent this area from being further affected:

- Use an eye contour treatment adapted to your skin to rejuvenate it.

- Never forget to remove your make-up before going to bed, use a moisturizing makeup remover with a cotton pad to avoid dry and broken skin.

- Don’t forget your sunglasses. In case of sun exposure, wear wide sunglasses to protect the eyes and the contour area, from the sun's rays.

- Don’t forget to drink water. This will maintain the elasticity of the skin. You can also prepare fresh juices of celery, lemon and cucumber, they are good for body cleansing, while replacing it with vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

- Reduce your salt intake. Salt promotes water retention in the body and can lead to developing bags under the eyes.

- Rest! Sleeping well helps us to have a more beautiful skin. Sleeping with the head slightly elevated and / or on your back, can also help drain the fluid under the eyes.

- Keep away from products that contain toxic ingredients, as they cause harmful effects on the skin, such as irritation, redness and swelling. That is why it is better to only use natural cosmetics products.

By adopting the Zaffiro Organica treatments as part of your beauty routine, you can be sure, you're using toxic-free products. For the care of the eye contour, recommend our eye contour cream with snail slime and hyaluronic acid, moisturizes the area, while delaying the aging process. It eliminates bags under the eyes, dark circles, swollen eyes and delays the appearance of fine lines.

Together with our Draining Serum with Roll-On, with natural ingredients, concentrate snail, hyaluronic acid, olive oil and panthenol; have anti-wrinkle and anti-inflammatory action. It is effective to reduce wrinkles, eye bags, dark circles, fine lines and swelling of the eyes. Its roll-on applicator, promotes blood circulation, making it an effective draining and refreshing eye contour treatment. It is an excellent moisturizing base, to prepare the skin before makeup or whenever you want to rehydrate and refresh the area of the eyes during the day.

When you use our product as part of your beauty routine, you would see the periocular area, more toned, hydrated, healthy and smooth. For a more complete and fresher look of your face, add to the routine our, Face Cream with Snail Slime.

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