Cómo cuidar nuestra piel durante el embarazo

How to take care of our skin during pregnancy

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During pregnancy, we are often told: You look radiant! However, during pregnancy the skin is much more sensitive and reactive. In fact, it is a particular period where skin discomfort arises because various hormonal changes occurs with fatigue and weight gain. It is important that during these months of waiting before pampering the baby, we take the time to pamper ourselves, during and after pregnancy.


The choice of organic products can be a real solution to avoid damaging your health and that of the child we carry in our belly.


As we have discussed before, hormones during pregnancy can affect our skin; It can be radiant, or the skin can be very oily, dry or prone to pimples. That is why we must use natural Cosmetics products, without toxic ingredients, gentle to the skin and moisturizing; remember the skin during this period need care in a right way. For cleaning the face, we recommend our Micellar Water, which is enriched with pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin B3, it helps to maintain an optimal level of hydration in the skin. Contains ingredients such as ALOE VERA and Calendula; they relieve, calm and decongest irritated and inflamed skin. In combination with our Moisturizing Cream, the skin will feel and look radiant.

We can’t forget, that the skin of our belly is going through great changes during pregnancy also, it is stretching with the growth of our baby. A Dry Oil rich in vitamins is essential for skin care during these months. Our BIO Body Oil with moisturizing and firming properties, is rich in vitamin E, facilitates the renewal and elasticity of the skin. Its ingredients, such as grape seed oil, nourish the skin deeply, stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin, avoiding unsightly lines, such as stretch marks that may appear in our belly during pregnancy. Its citrus aroma and ingredients such as bitter orange have soothing, toning properties that reduce muscle stress, ideal for feet and body massages, that are so necessary during these months.


In addition, to avoid possible stress related to our pregnancy (and yes, maternity is a job, full of twists and turns) we advise you to apply the oil by massage. Generally, when we are pregnant, we feel the need to receive a massage. It helps us relieve stress, the anxiolytic, analgesic, anti-stress and endorphin substances are released, giving us a feeling of well-being.

Did you know that there is nothing better than swimming while pregnant? This sport allows you to gently strengthen your muscles and gives a feeling of lightness, you will feel comfortable and relaxed, like a fish in the water.

At home, when showering your legs (from the bottom up) with cold water, to fight against "heavy sensation" or swollen legs; it also helps to sleep with your feet elevated. We have to avoid, stand for a long time, tight clothes, hot baths and prolonged exposure to the sun. Although solar light helps stimulate the hormone of happiness (perfect for our mood swings during pregnancy), we should not abuse it or at least not forget to protect ourselves from exposure, because remember that the skin is extremely sensitive.

During and after pregnancy our body needs special attention, we must take care of what we eat, exercise and keep our skin hydrated. If we are well taken care of, our baby will be too.

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