¿Cómo elegir la crema adecuada para el rostro?

How to choose the right cream for the face?

Best cream for your skin type


How to choose the right cream for the face?

Facial creams are an essential part of the skin care routine. In fact, choosing the right cream for our skin type is not easy. To choose the right cream, we must evaluate the texture and ingredients mainly to strengthen the protective barrier of the skin, while possibly addressing several drawbacks.


Knowing your skin type means choosing an effective cream to treat the type of epidermis, the imperfections of the face and the results we want to achieve over time.

For dry and sensitive skin, we recommend treatments rich in soothing active ingredients, with a deep moisturizing action.

For oily and mix skin, we recommend a fluid, non-greasy cream that reduces shine, with a matte finish.

If we are lucky enough to have normal skin, we simply choose a light cream that meets our needs, for proper hydration.


When to start using the first cream to hydrate your face? As soon as possible!

Before age 25, the skin is young and needs proper hydration, adopting a cream with a light texture because at this age we often face a mixed skin with a tendency to acne. For this reason, use an Organic Creamfor the face, thanks to the active ingredients of natural ingredients that give the skin lasting benefits. The eco bio creams do not contain oil, they don’t contain silicones or parabens. After the age 25 , to keep the skin soft and firm, although we still find a skin a bit mixed, we recommend a wrinkle cream, light, with texture of easy absorption, not too much delicious. However, very thin skin or that suffers from eczema, especially in winter, requires a more intense skin care, with antioxidants, vitamin E, such as aloe vera and almond oil.

The skin becomes thinner with age and becomes less fat, needs to be nourished. For this reason, after the age 30, you can use a more specific cream when we have imperfections, signs of acne, first wrinkles and spots. That is why we have also thought about your needs: we recommend our Anti-wrinkle Facial Cream, with snail slime, hyaluronic acid, olive oil and elastin, these ingredients provide effective anti-aging result, reduces visibly antiwrinkles action, skin blemishes, scars, blemishes, and in only 3 weeks of use, provides elasticity in the skin, brightness and contrasts the signs of premature aging. After 50 years of age, we must be careful with the dryness of the skin. In fact, with the onset of menopause, the skin tends to dry out. Therefore, it is essential to nourish in depth with a very rich cream, or you can even use our Dry Bio Oil for the face, its vegetable oils, nourish the skin, leaving the skin soft without greasing sensation



Okay, yes! Depending on the season, the choice of moisturizer will also vary. In summer, as it happens in our closet, we have lighter clothes, the lightness is chosen with a cream of light texture. In winter, our skin tends to dry more, so it is better to use a cream with a thicker texture, as well as being nutritious.

The combination of the 4 oils in our Moisturizer Cream nourishes and softens the skin affected by dryness and temporary redness. It also reduces visible rosacea and couperose in the face thanks to the essential fatty acids of sweet almond oil. Making it a timeless cream.

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