Cómo proteger tu cabello del sol este verano: 6 tips para lograrlo

How to protect your hair from the sun this summer: 6 tips to achieve it


How to protect your hair from the sun this summer: 6 tips to achieve it

If you do not want the sun to take a toll on your hair as it does with the skin, take note of these 6 tips to achieve healthier and prettier hair before, during and especially after your beach and pool sessions.


This summer looks beautiful and healthy hair with the advice we give you in Zaffiro Organica.

  Summer is undoubtedly the season of the year where our hair suffers most: The sun, the sea salt, the chlorine of the pools, the UVB and UVA rays ... They greatly affect our hair by weakening the inside of our fiber capillary and resecting it to the fullest. Therefore, if you want to avoid a good cut to clean it in conditions, we propose 6 tips to protect your hair from the sun this summer.

In Zaffiro Organica we offer you these tips so that you always look the best version of your hair even in summer with solar overexposure 😉


  1. Take your hat and put it on! Who says hat says cap, hat, scarf, turban, etc ... It will serve as a protective shield against UVB and UVA rays minimizing the consequences of sun exposure.
  2. Give vacations to the dryer, the iron and other heat tools that spoil and burn the hair as much or more than the sun. Take advantage of the summer heat to let it dry in the open air and avoid lacquers, fixing gels or foams.
  3. Use a mild shampoo with nutrients: It is true that at this time of the year we wash our hair more frequently: Beach, pool, etc ... They make us wash our hair daily and it is vital to use toxic-free products, silicones , petroleum jelly or parabens.
  4. Use a natural mask to prevent your hair from drying out: Our Biofiller mask is ideal for treating damaged, dyed, brittle, dry and dull hair. A reconstructive hair mask with hyaluronic acid and hemp seed oil with a nourishing, restructuring and moisturizing action that will be your perfect ally for your beach and pool days.
  5. Keep frizz at bay and run away from the odious frizz by preventing the natural hair keratin from your hair from disappearing, with specific products that control it such as our Spray Biofiller with hyaluronic acid. Our thermal protector with an aqueous protein and vegetable base, fills the hair fiber from the inside, revitalizing and moisturizing the hair to leave it looking healthy, vigorous, with volume and a lot of shine.
  6. After bathing in the sea you better wash your hair with fresh water or dry it: And the salt acts like a magnifying glass attracting the sun's rays. That is why it is convenient after each bath to wash it in the shower or at least not pick it up so it can dry more quickly.
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