¿Cómo proteger tu cabello durante el verano?

How to protect your hair during the summer?

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How to protect your hair during the summer? 

The days are longer, the sun and the heat are here ... Yes, summer has arrived! Are you already tanning on the beach and swimming in the pool or in the sea? Perfect! But do not forget that the sun, the sea and the pool are also enemies for your hair. In the last article, we gave you all our secrets for a protected and healthy skin during the summer, here are some tips to protect your hair during summer.

Eating healthy and drinking enough water is crucial for body, skin and hair

Protecting your hair is not only applying hair products the day you go to the sun or beach, but also how we eat. A good diet promotes hair protection. 

Before and during the summer, eat orange color fruits and vegetables, such as apricots, melons, peaches, carrots or peppers, but also fish. They are rich in carotene this will give strength and vitality to your hair. They will also promote your tan

It is also important to hydrate yourself by drinking at least 2 liters of water a day to maintain optimal hydration in your body. A well-hydrated body means healthy hair! 

Protect your hair from UV Rays

Ultraviolet light is as bad for your skin as it is for your hair, especially for fragile hair. Wear a hat or a scarf and preferably choose the shaded places, to avoid direct sunlight. In this way you will also avoid sunstroke. 

If you do not like your hat or scarf, you can braid your hair. The braid limits exposure to external aggressions (UV, sand) and prevents hair from becoming entangled due to wind and swimming. 

Rinse hair after swim

Whether you prefer the sea or the pool, while swimming your hair is being damaged. Chlorine and salt enter the hair fiber, dehydrate and damage it.
To prevent the hair from being filled with chlorine and salt, rinse well after swimming.

Wash your hair softly

After a succession of external aggressions, the hair must be carefully washed. It prefers an organic and natural shampoo like that of Zaffiro Organica. Without sulfates parabens and silicones, your hair will not suffer more aggression. Our shampoo strengthens, protects and moisturizes the hair fiber to obtain a stronger and brighter hair.

Hydrate your hair

During and after the summer, your hair should be hydrated and nourished to counteract all the aggressions of summer. Use a nourishing conditioner preferably organic and natural products that do not damage your hair with chemical ingredients. You can opt for Zaffiro Organica conditioner. Restructures, nourishes and strengthens the hair fiber. After the shampoo, drain your hair and apply the Zaffiro Organica conditioner, emphasizing the lengths and tips. Let it run for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse. For very curly or very damaged hair, we recommend to leave-in the conditioner.

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