¿Cómo sobrevivir el calor en verano?

How to survive the summer heat?

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How to survive the summer heat?

In summer, when you enjoy the sun on your terrace or in your garden, at barbecues with family or friends or on vacation ... Summer is really good, but the heat can quickly become unbearable when the temperature reaches 40 degrees. Here we are going to give you some tips to enjoy the summer and avoid the dreaded hot blow!



Drinking water is the most important thing to avoid heat stroke during the summer. It helps maintain stable body temperature despite the high temperatures, the body sweats and can become dehydrated if you do not drink enough water. In the recommended 2 liters of water per day, add 1 liter of water per hour exposed to the sun. So, if you want to expose yourself to the sun, make your reservations! to avoid dehydration. It is best to drink small amounts throughout the day instead of a one liter bottle at a time. We recommend having a bottle of water in your bag to drink whenever you want. But do not wait for the feeling of thirst, it is a sign of dehydration!

Avoid drinking cold water and prefer water at room temperature. Cold water gives you this refreshing cool sensation but prevents your body from regulating its temperature. Afterward, you will be more likely to feel the heat. Also avoid carbonated water because its high mineral content decreases the water absorption of the body. If you do not like to drink pure water, mix water with gas and still water, you can also add a piece of lemon to flavor the water, this combination is ideal, since you transform it into a water with vitamin C. If you are a fan of fresh mojitos by the sea, keep in mind that alcohol, soda or caffeine dehydrate you! Water alone will remain your best ally throughout the summer.



Diet also plays an important role during periods of high heat. Digestion increases the temperature of the body, so we must request the digestive system as little as possible. Drink lots of water but eat light! Although summer is generally not conducive to wolf hunger, avoid large meals and eat small amounts. Your digestive system will have less work and your body will heat less.

Have you been waiting for the barbecues season for a few months? Know that you should avoid eating fat or cooked meat in fat because digestion is more difficult and slow, as well as milk and carbohydrates (sweets, pasta and pasta). The more complicated the digestion is, the more the body temperature will increase. Choose raw vegetables filled with water such as watermelon, cucumber, zucchini, tomato, salad, strawberry, peach or nectarine. As a carbohydrate source, prefer beans, rice, potatoes, carrots or radishes. So excite your taste buds with lots of fruit shakes, compotes, salads and gazpachos.



Stay cool and refrain from going out in the hottest hours, between noon and 4pm. If you're sporty, forget about jogging at noon! Playing sports with high temperatures can cause discomfort or even insolation. So choose sports outings at the coolest hours, early in the morning or late at night. Outside, stand in the shade and cover your head to avoid sunstroke. Wet your shirt if you feel the need, it will refresh your body.

Get dressed lightly! Loose clothes and natural materials will circulate the air and sweat evaporates faster. Cotton is an ideal material on hot summer days because it absorbs sweat. Dark colors absorb heat, so I prefer a white cotton blouse instead of a lycra black! Nothing worse than nights with high temperatures! Bring fresh freshness by opening the windows in the morning and at night and avoid the heat from closing the shutters and windows during the day. This will allow you to maintain a good room temperature in your home. Take a warm or cold shower (but not too much!) Before falling asleep, it will refresh your body and promote sleep.

Now you have all the keys for a good summer!

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