Consigli di belleza per una gravidanza radiosa

Beauty tips for a radiant maternity


tips para un embarazo radiante



In most cases, when we hear the word "pregnancy", we immediately think about an imminent weight gain, swelling and other physical aspects, not as pleasant as we would like. 


Are you pregnant? Get the most out of your beauty 


This is due to all the hormonal changes it brings, one of the most wonderful stages of life. However, you also need to know how to benefit from it and enjoy the benefits that "sweet waiting" brings. With a good will you can meter in practice all the good in tips to put into practice, which we offer by Zaffiro Organica 


  • Follow a healthy, balanced and moderate diet. It does not mean eating for two but to eat conscientiously, being aware of not eating calories that are bad, if not that of quality. Prepare a rich menu of vegetables, fruits, fish, low fat dairy products and try to stick to it without obsessing. 

  • Reduce the consumption of caffeine or theine and hydrate the body well by drinking lots of water. In this way you will avoid water retention and swelling especially in the legs and feet  

  • Rest whenever you need it. In fact, your body is making an excessive effort to give the baby everything it needs to develop healthily. Enjoy now to rest, because when the baby arrives, it will not be an easy task. 

  • Do moderate physical exercise. Walk, practice yoga, pilates specific exercises for pregnant women, swim ... Without exaggerating with effort and with a controlled exercise, it will be very useful for both mom and baby 

  • Wear appropriate clothing and shoes. Because to be beautiful and comfortable at the same time is not an impossible mission. 

  • Don't neglect yourself and continue pampering yourself. Enjoy and improve your hair, which will surely be radiant, as well as your nails during the hormonal revolution. We recommend our shampoo, conditioner, mask and thermal protection spray for sublime hair, made only with natural ingredients and free of toxic substances. 

  • Don't forget to hydrate your skin. Gain weight can lead to not very pleasant consequences such as the appearance of stretch marks. Preventing it is a matter of perseverance and will. Our BIO body oil is ideal for use in pregnancy. Hydrates, nourishes and revitalizes the skin, performing an elasticizing, firming and draining action. An excellent ally to combat skin imperfections such as cellulite and stretch marks. 

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