Cosmética Natural, Cosmética Bio y Cosméticos que alimentan

Natural cosmetics, organic cosmetics and skin food

Natural cosmetics, organic cosmetics and skin food

The terms organic, natural and skin food cause a real boom in the world of modern cosmetics. But could you distinguish so many terminologies, what do they consist of? Do not miss this post and dive into a world lacking synthetic ingredients and brimming with natural ingredients.


Natural Cosmetics: Smart Beauty

Natural cosmetics represent the healthy and intelligent alternative to traditional cosmetics. In recent years, the growth of this cosmetic product has been flourishing thanks to the awareness of the impact of harmful substances that should not be present in cosmetics. Like parabens, petroleum oils, ethoxylated emulsifiers, phthalates, silicones, synthetic softeners, etc.

In case you do not know, our skin absorbs on average up to 60% of products with which we come in contact.

And with all that can contain chemicals, it is better to turn to the natural.


In order to truly understand, which cosmetic products are those made naturally?

1. Those whose ingredients come from nature, such as plant, mineral or animal derivatives (clays, plants, beeswax, etc.). 2. Those whose ingredients do not come from genetically modified organisms (GMOs). 3. Those who maintain a high commitment and responsibility towards the environment. 4. Those who avoid animal experiments (apply cruelty free philosophy). In addition, the ingredients used in this type of cosmetics have an indication of "Cosmetic Ingredient of International Nomenclature" (INCI) which guarantees that the ingredient actually comes from a natural source and that its origin is not synthetic.


Organic cosmetics:

The denomination "Bio" is granted exclusively when these three precepts are given:

  1.  At least 95% of the ingredients are natural.
  2.  At least 95% of the ingredients of plant origin come from organic farming.
  3.  And at least 10% of the ingredients of the final product must come from organic farming.


Natural cosmetics, organic cosmetics and skin food


Skin Food or cosmetics that nourish

Have you ever thought of your cosmetics as food for your skin and hair? If you never eat toxic substances that you know are harmful to your health, why transmit them to your skin or hair? The concept of skin food is as simple as asking you: can I eat this? And if the answer is no, would it be a good product to use and be absorbed by your skin, which is the largest organ of our body?

At Zaffiro Organica, we have created a new range of natural cosmetics, dedicated to all those who make an important decision regarding their health. If you want to change the world, you are in the right place: from there, we invite you to be part of our family ❤

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