¡Cuidamos el medio ambiente!

We care about the environment!

Cuidamos el medio ambiente

To us not only a healthy body matters - equally important is the nature to us. The environment in which we find ourselves every day.

Our well-being and a healthy environment are inseparable things. Respect our bodies and our environment is important for well-being and health.

How can we take care of our environment?

Here we have gathered some information to help you leave the smallest ecological footprint possible, optimizing waste management:

1. Separate and recycle waste

Plastic damages nature and this already during its production. As non-recycled waste, it is also a source of dangerous insects and animals. Most packaging cannot be converted to humus, and are left in the nature in their harmful forms.

When you separate the garbage you not only prevent it from being left in nature, but also make it recycled. Thus, you can reuse the raw materials of your products or turn them into energy. You can also make a compost in the garden to use your own humus for your flowers. They will thank you!

2. Be Creative!

Many packages can be reused for other purposes. For example, use a cut bottle as a funnel. Or cut tights like hairband. Be creative, there are millions of possibilities!

3. Pay attention in stores

Already in stores, watching what you buy is the easiest way to save plastic: keep in mind to buy products with less packaging, with recyclable packaging or packaging of unmixed materials.

Try to use less plastic where it is not useful, for example do not use plastic cutlery. And take your bag when you go shopping, instead of taking plastic bags.

We have already taken the first step towards a healthier nature. We do not use more plastic than necessary for the packaging of our products! What about you?

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