Descubre cuál es tu tipo de piel y las claves para cuidarla (Test)

Discover your skin type and the keys to take care of it (Test)

Discover your skin type

Would you know how to identify your skin type? Knowing it is the first step to begin to take care of it effectively. For this reason, in Zaffiro Organica we want to help you to clear all your doubts and to discover for sure, what type of skin you have and what are the most suitable products so that you can look splendid. For this reason, we propose the following test. To help you identify it and know your needs in order to make it your best version 😉👌 


Discover your skin type with the Zaffiro Organica test 


Your skin tone is naturally: 
  • a) Clear or very Clear
  • b) Normal-Clear
  • c) Normal-Dark
You have pimples and blackheads: 
  • a) Very rarely
  • b) Occasionally
  • c) Often
Your pores are: 
  • a)Poorly dilated pores, hardly seen 
  • b) Medium dilated
  • c) Very dilated
Your skin is: 
  • a) Very thin
  • b) Neither thin nor thick
  • c) Rather thick
Your skin is one of those that: 
  • a) Burns without tanning
  • b) First burns and then tans
  • c) Tanswithout difficulty
Your skin shines: 
  • a) Never or almost never
  • b) Especially in the T zone
  • c) Almost always
Your skin has: 
  • a) Some lines of expression
  • a) Wrinkles
  • c) Little wrinkles


If you have said majority "A", you have DRY skin: 

This skin is usually thin and pretty, but it is characterized by a lack of sebum. It also tends to be very sensitive and what it really needs is to be very well hydrated. Choose unctuous textures and products free of aggressive agents. The ideal product, our moisturizing and firming cream with shea butter, goji berries and tomato, ideal to nourish and hydrate in depth protecting your skin from free radicals. 


If your answers are majority "B" your skin is MIXED: 

It is the most common skin among young girls. It is characterized by being a normal skin that tends to be oily skin mainly in the "T" area (forehead, nose and chin) and something drier on the cheeks and temples. So, what you have to achieve is to regulate the sebum of this area while hydrating the rest of the areas. Ideally, seboregulatory and moisturizing products. We recommend our micellar water, which captures impurities, sebum and deep facial dirt, leaving the skin hydrated, clean and fresh. 


If you have said majority "C" your skin is OILY: 

With a shiny and unsightly appearance due to an excess of sebum, this is how the oily skin looks ... With small black dots and very dilated pores, it is one of the most complicated skins. The positive side is that it resists better over time, that is, less wrinkles :) The solution is to hydrate BUT in the right measure. You can also control excess sebum with mattifying formulas that balance your skin. Our option for this type of skin is our anti-wrinkles cream with snail slime, hyaluronic acid, elastin, argan oil and calendula. Its creamy and light texture absorbs quickly without leaving the skin oily or sticky. A natural moisturizing treatment that eliminates skin blemishes and reduces facial imperfections such as scars and acne marks. 

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