El Champú Keratina y su creciente popularidad - ¿Ayuda?

Keratin Schampoo and its rising popularity – Does it help?

El Champú Keratina y su creciente popularidad - ¿Ayuda?

Keratin Schampoo and its rising popularity – Does it help?

Everyone wants that shiny, thick and healthy looking hair .. But nowadays we would also like to gain that hair naturally, without expensive, chemical treatment and toxic hair care products.

With thousands of new natural and organic hair products arriving on the market, one may have heard about keratin shampoo. It gains rising attention, as it is a 100% natural protein, which our hair is made of. We spent a lot of time searching for the right hair products, to gain beautiful, natural and strong Hair.

But what is Keratin ? ...

Keratin is a fiber protein which our hair is made of. It is produced in the roots and gives our hair structure and strenghts. Its water-insoluble fibers wrap around the hair allowing it to flex, stretch and twist.

If too little keratin is produced in the hair bulbs, or if your hair is exposed to high temperatures, such as sunshine or straighteners...natural keratin production is insufficient. The hair fiber is weakened and your hair may be easily damaged due to keratin deficiency.

...and how does Keratin work on our Hair?

To give back structure and flexibility, keratin fibers wraps the hair, gives it a strong protective and natural layer. Hair will be left shiny, smooth and firm. Keratin fibers do not only give proction to the hair but also bring proteins and nutrients directly to the hairstring and roots.
Keratin has similar positive properties for your hair as the silicones, but because ist natural it does not bring the negative properties with it like silicone does. That means that keratin can replace silicone in hair care products very well.

The natural Keratin Schampoo from Zaffiro Organica contains high concentrations of natural (vegetal) Keratin fibers, which help the hair get back its strenghts and shine. The hair retains its shine and is nourished and invigorated from within.

Champú with Keratin

Champu Natural Sin Silikona

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Ho provato questo prodotto dopo tanti simili che si trovano in commercio, devo dire di aver trovato finalmente qualcosa di veramente efficace. Oltre alla luminosità del capello ho notato anche una consistenza diversa, molto piu forte il capello gia al primo tocco.Consigliatissimo


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