El Níquel; El principal alérgeno de la piel

Nickel: the main allergen of the skin that you will not have to worry about

Nickel: the main allergen of the skin that you will not have to worry about


What is nickel and why does it produce allergies? 

Nickel is an elemental metal that shines like silver in its purest form. It is mainly used in jewelry to produce a large number of alloys. In addition, it is also present (in relatively high amounts) in some food such as nutsbeerchocolatetea and in some fruits such as apricot. 


Nickel in Cosmetics 

In cosmetic products, nickel is not an ingredient, but a residual substance, present as impurity derived from raw materials such as pigments or even from the products themselves. 


Nickel; the main allergen of the skin 

Keep in mind that nickel is the metal that most people are allergic to. It is the first responsible for allergic contact reactions and in fact both this metal and its compounds are prohibited in the use of cosmetics (EC Regulation No. 1223/2009).  But since it is not possible to eliminate this impurity completely, the current legislation allows its presence in technically unavoidable traces. 


Nickel tested products 

Nickel tested means that the product has been subjected to tests that certify that the presence of nickel is below the threshold where allergic reactions should not appear (<1ppm).  With current technologies, it is impossible to make cosmetic products 100% nickel-free, but you can choose products with biological ingredients and then check the quantity of nickel in the product, so that traces of nickel are negligible. This is what we call "nickel tested products". 


Zaffiro Organica: natural cosmetics nickel tested 

  In Zaffiro Organica, all our products are nickel tested. That's why we guarantee a trace content lower than 0.1 ppm (0.00001%). A percentage 10 times lower than that indicated as threshold content that can cause the allergic reaction. In addition, we only use certified organic ingredients and our philosophy is 100% Cruelty Free, so we do not test our products on animals.  We believe in the respect of our environment and we want to get you to love nature, yourself and to create a better world, without toxic and of course without animal cruelty. Does that sound good? What are you waiting for?! Come to the healthy side of life and finally enjoy the most natural and healthy cosmetics!!! 

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