Esposizione solare: conseguenze negative e positive sulla nostra pelle

Sunscreen: You're probably not using it the best way for your skin

It might seem intuitive or even common sense, to use sunscreen specifically in case of  prolonged exposure to the sunlight (especially if you have sensitive skin), to avoid the known health risks that this can have for our skin. However, this way of thinking is not based on a correct understanding of the complicated relationship our skin has with light, and therefore, with sunscreen. There are even people who try to avoid as much as possible the exposure to the sun, which can also be problematic. To understand the proper way to use sunscreen, it is necessary to understand the negative and positive consequences that this exposure has on our skin

La complicated relationship of our skin and the light of the sun

You've probably heard of the alarming effects that direct exposure to the sun can have on your skin. Sunburns, dehydration, and an elevated chance of cancer in the long term. However, these are not risks to which you expose yourself only when you spend a day at the beach. Your skin is sensitive to sunlight and its ultraviolet rays even in small proportions, such as when you go out for a little walk. In fact, your skin is still exposed on cloudy days, since in some cases, UV rays can still reach you.

On the other hand, this does not mean that you have to fear the light of the sun, or avoid it at all coasts. It is of vital importance to the health of our body. The contact between sunlight and our skin activates the production of vitamin D, which we need to keep our bones and muscles healthy. It also promotes the production of serotonin, and therefore has been linked with the prevention of depression. In other words, for our own good, we simply cannot completely avoid exposure to the sun, rather we need to find a way to combat its negative effects. It is there when we need the help of a sunscrean, not to completely avoid sun exposure, but to regulate it. 

How to use sunscreen


Sunscreen may serve only to prevent the negative effects of the exposure to the sun, or also to remedy some of the short-term consequences, depending on the intensity of your ingredients. Our sunscreen SPF 15, for example, offers a medium degree of protection, ideal for use on a daily basis in skins that have not received much exposure recently. On the other hand, the SPF 30 cream offers a more intense protection, and also helps to alleviate some of the consequences of having exposed your skin to the sun, rehydrting it, and leaving it protected for further contact with sunlight.

Don't fear the sun. It's good for you and for your skin. You only need to be aware of the effects it can have on your and take proper precautions to care for your health.


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