Extienda su bronceado naturalmente

Extend Your Sun Tan Naturally

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Extend your sun tan naturally

But first, why are we tanning? To protect against the harmful rays of the sun, the skin will defend itself with melanocytes that produce  melanin. The latter weaves the skin and gives us this tan. But beware ! The fact that the body is self-defense does not mean that sunscreen should not be used. Otherwise, beware of sunburn!



Your moisturizer face cream and body oil are very essential to protect your skin of any harm.  When exposed to the sun, your skin becomes brittle and dries. The sea, the pool and the wind do not help the situation! To avoid flaking and keep your tan, you must moisturize the skin with products that nourish it deeply.

Choose products that are rich in vitamins E and C. Vitamin E reduces water loss and helps the skin maintain its hydration level while vitamin C stimulates the natural production of collagen and helps regenerate the skin. They will also fight against the formation of free radicals. They are responsible for skin aging that is accentuated by prolonged exposure to the sun. The face cream and body oil of Zaffiro Organica are enriched with Vitamins E and C ingredients, to effectively combat dry skin and the signs of aging. The best way to protect your skin is with organic and non-toxic products, from Zaffiro Organica.



Exfoliate your face with soft products twice a week. This will remove dead skin and give your skin more radiance and shine. Look for exfoliants without chemical ingredients that do not harm your skin. You can also make your cleaning product yourself. For the body, simply mix a splash of olive oil with sugar. For the face, add honey to this recipe. Your skin will be exfoliated and hydrated at the same time. Either for the face or for the body, massage lightly doing circular movements for the activity of the blood circulation.



I know that the name carotenoid does not sound appetizing ... But it's actually tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, melons and many other fruits and vegetables! This type of food promotes the secretion of melanin that will prolong your tan for a longer time.

Foods rich in vitamin E will help maintain the skin's suppleness and tan complexion. Then use sunflower oil or wheat germ and chew hazelnuts and almonds.

And above all, remember to drink lots of water!



Take the sun as much as possible while being careful, but not directly and without protection. Eat on the terrace at noon, go for a bike ride or walk. This will prolong your tan and stimulate it.



Put on your tan with colorful clothes. Choose yellow, coral, pink, blue, but also white! These colors will highlight your tan and sublimate it beautifully.

Then, you will be tanned in September!

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