Ideas de regalo para Navidad - para tu novio, amigos, familia y pajeras


In these special days, we devote our whole time to our loved ones - friends and family. We laugh together and cook, we decorate the house and give presents. Everything is special, because it's Christmas. Our decoration, our food and of course our gifts must be special. The gifts for our loved ones should be joyful, heartfelt, personal and meaningful. The requirements are always very high on the Christmas days, because these days should be particularly beautiful. We run through the streets to find the perfect gift. Not anymore - we have great ideas for you and your friends for the Christmas morning. Give something meaningful, thoughtful, something natural, without harmful substances, something relaxing and beneficial, like one of our natural cosmetic sets. Our products from Zaffiro Organica are 100% natural and increase the well-being. Here are some ideas for you and your friends: 
Christmas Gifts For Dad:  


For the father, it is always difficult to find the right gift. But something that always appeals to fathers, are gentlemen skin and haircare products. Our natural cosmetics are developed for both women and men. Our Hair care products and in particular our natural shampoo with keratin has already convinced many men. It strengthens the hair and stimulates growth. The hair becomes fuller and shinier. It is a great gift in combination with the conditioner, which provides an extra moisture kick and cares for the scalp. Very popular are also our face creams - especially our hydrating moisturizer with tomato extracts and almond oil. It gently cares for the skin and does not irritate. Especially suitable for dry, demanding skin, without perfume, sulfates and parabens. You can put together your own package or use one of our gift cards if you are still unsure. 
Christmas Gifts for Mum:

We like to surprise our mothers with gifts, because we want to give her back what she gives us every day. She is one of the most important people for us, whom we especially want to thank. Christmas is a great occasion, so we present you our anti-aging facial care set as your christmas gift for your mum. Our care products are perfectly combinable. The products are 100% natural with 100% certified, organic ingredients and cruelty free. The Anti-Aging Care Set provides an excellent facecare routine for the demanding skin over 25. We should start early with moisturizing creams to prevent small wrinkles, and continue to use them as we age, to keep the skin hydrated and protected from cracks. The set contains a gentle cleansing water /Micellar Water with aloe vera, calendula and panthenol, which clears the skin, nourishes and protects against free radicals, as well as our anti-wrinkle face cream with snail slime and hyaluronic acid, an eye contour cream and a roll-on eye serum for effective treatment of wrinkles around the eyes. 

Christmas Gifts for your friend: 

Your best friend usually gets a present, that you would like for yourself – something that thrills you. We have the perfect set for you and your friend: our moisturizing face care set consisting of the gentle cleansing water with aloe vera, calendula and panthenol, as well as our favorite moisturizing day cream for the face with tomato extract and almond oil and our Anti-Aging Eye serum with Roll-on applicator to fight wrinkles with hyaluronic acid and the beneficial organic oil. To smoothen your skin and strengthen your nails, the set also consists of our bio body, face and nail oil. This set says it all - an all-around feel-good package for every skin type. All products are 100% organic, without toxic substances, free from sulphates, parabens, silicones and perfumes. The natural cosmetics products of Zaffiro Organica are not tested on animals and environmentally friendly.  

A Christmas present for your partner: 

This gift is usually the hardest for us. A special surprise for your partner could be our new Hair Care All in One Set, whether for men or women - the all-in-one hair care set from Zaffiro Organica is a very special Set with innovative and new products. All products are free of silicones and sulfats. 2 new products with hyaluronic acid and hemp seed oil gives the package a special extra. The hair mask with hyaluronic acid and hemp seed oil will provide your hair with volume and shine. The hyaluronic acid plums the hair and hydrates it. Our new hair spray with hyaluronic acid and hemp seed oil fights frizz and gives shine to your hair for a perfect finish. Shampoo and conditioner act as a natural base for healthy and radiant hair. They give volume and shine, they also stimulate growth and care for the scalp. A great pampering package for every hair type. 

 Christmas Gifts for acquaintances: 

You want to surprise an aunt, a friend of your parents, someone you know little? No problem, we have gift cards for you, that can be printed at home.  

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