Los secretos desconocidos del jengibre para nuestra piel

The unknown secrets of ginger

Los secretos desconocidos del jengibre para nuestra piel

Ginger is a root that comes from Southeast Asia whose innumerable benefits have been known for centuries.

According to the Chinese it helps protect the body against the cold and improves digestion, while Indians recognize it as a powerful painkiller; the Arabs use it for its aphrodisiac qualities and the European phytotherapy considers it the best remedy for nausea, vomit and impotence.

Thanks to its precious qualities, to incorporate more ginger into your diet is the best choice you can make, especially when winter comes and you feel that your immune system needs a little help! There is nothing better than a nice infusion of ginger, mint, lemon and a little honey to fight a cold or a sore throat. With this bitter cold I never let a day pass without drinking my miraculous drink.

Its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and healing properties also make it a special ally for your skin care. Ginger decongests, soothes and lightens dark spots and scars. It’s the perfect ingredient for an eye cream, with its energizing fragrance and freshness, opening your eyes in the morning has never been easier! And I know it too well.

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