Protege tu cabello de la humedad

How to protect your hair from humidity.

Humidity is the most unforgivable enemy of hair. In fact, only a drop of water is needed for our hair to be indomitable. A slight mist or a few drops of rain, and it's over, you end up with frizz. This reaction affects all types of hair, is due to the increase in the level of hydrogen in the air, which causes water to be absorbed by the hair, it expands and its scales open, lifting the wick and isolating it from the others.


To combat frizziness and other inconveniences, it is recommended to deeply hydrate the hair. To do this, choose oil-based treatments (coconut, olive) which will restore hair to life and you will be delighted that once treated, it will be easier to comb and it will absorb less humidity. Professionals hairdresser recommend, never forget the conditioner stage. In fact, this extra dose of hydration will act as a shield against "frizz" of all kinds. Especially if you manage to do this last step with a cold water rinse you will have better results. To create a protective barrier between the hair and the outside, a disciplining and antifrizz shampoo and conditioner is adopted, which will smooth the scales of the hair fiber and form a waterproofing film.The hair will be stronger and brighter and it will not allow humidity to easily penetrate the hair fibers.

Keep in mind that apart from weather conditions, other factors can lead to the formation of rebellious strands in our hair: brutal brushing, strong friction, or any repetition that breaks the loop, sensitizes the hair and promotes the hair frizz again. 

To dry, do not rub your hair with the towel. Also, use microfiber towels, bamboo towels or a simple shirt! It also limits the use of devices for hair removal (well, we understand that when it is cold is not easy), so use them at a minimum temperature and once you have drained the hair.

Also make sure you take care of your diet by incorporating an adequate supply of vitamins and trace elements. Drink a lot of liquid. The hydration of the hair also implies the hydration of the body. 



One thing is certain: straightened hair is more vulnerable to humidity. So just before going to bed or when you wake up, remember to look at the forecasts to choose the right hairstyle. This will prevent you from a bad hair day.

To put all the possibilities on your side, forget about "blow-dry" the hair dryer and opt for a hairstyle that keeps your hair protected. 

Braids are a good idea because it allows you to control the volume of your hair while preventing small wicks to do what they please. The low ponytail is also a good option for those who want to tame their hair this will protect the hair fiber from humidity.

Here you find the best products to avoid frizz and electric hair:




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