¿Qué es Cruelty free y por qué es tan importante?

What is Cruelty free and why is it so important?

Productos Ecologicos cruelty free

What is Cruelty free and why is it so important?

Every day many people consume different types of products. Personal items such as: shampoo, soaps and deodorants. Products to improve the appearance: cosmetics, clothes, shoes or lenses. They think that "the only thing that matters is the quality and attractiveness of the product", so if you are part of that group of people with this post, your vision will be different. 

Something to think about

Beyond the simple fact of putting an article in the market cart, few people make questions about the origin of certain products because it is not usually something that takes away the client's sleep, perhaps due to indifference or lack of information. Something that many ignore when performing these activities, is that many products for personal use, are used at first in animal experiments.  The level of toxicity of some makeups, to give an example, is measured by the reactions of laboratory animals. A cruel treatment that often ends in the death of the animal.

What is Cruelty Free? 

The struggle to end animal abuse with respect to experiments, where products to measure allergic reactions are applied, goes back to the 1950s. In a book written by Charles Hulmes and William Russell, entitled "Principles of Humane Experimental Technique" , it offers to minimize the animal suffering when it comes to testing the quality of a work, "replace, reduce and refine", are the premises that bet. 

At the end of the 50s, Muriel Dowding, created the term "Cruelty Free", by persuading large manufacturing companies of fake leather that use the brand "Beauty Without Cruelty" and founded an organization of the same name. The term was popularized by Marcia Pearson, with her group "Fashion With Compassion" in the 70s. 

In 1991, the European Center for the Validation of Alternative Methods (ECVAM) was created with the aim of promoting laws that require the use of alternative methods for testing. In 2012, the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, the Anti-Vivisection Society of New England and the European Coalition united to stop this problem and its campaign has been successful. Currently it is a label adopted by many corporations.

Why is Cruelty Free important? 

Several companies have rejected cruelty practices and have adopted fully effective mechanisms in this 21st century. Detergents, clothes, make-up products are developed, without chemical substances that can cause pain to animals, this in turn prevents the contamination of the planet. In addition, new technological methods such as experimentation on bone tissue and artificial skin, computer programs and in vitro simulation are innovated.

It is also a way to raise awareness and educate about the field of business ethics, because now a person can choose a cleaning product on the reverse side of which is the label "Cruelty free" or "no tested in animals". 

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