Recupera tu cabello después de las vacaciones. 6 Tips

Recover your hair after the holidays. 6 Tips


Recover your hair after the holidays. 6 Tips

Do you want to know how to recover your hair after the return vacation? Do not miss these tips that we propose in Zaffiro Organica and repair your hair from all the damages caused by the sun, chlorine, salt and other "summer" factors that affect the health of your hair.


6 Tips to repair hair after the holidays  


  1. Prioritize the use of natural cosmetics: In this recovery process it is important not to use aggressive formulations. So avoiding the presence of chemicals will help to recover the health of your hair faster.
  2. Cut the tips: It is the area that suffers most and therefore the most weakened, so it is advisable to cut them from time to time. This way we will avoid the appearance of the "split ends" and in short, we will heal and give our hair a better look.
  3. Use Keratin Shampoo: The use of products containing keratin will help reverse the damage caused by the sun, chlorine, salt ... and other chemical and environmental agents that we find at this time of year. Our natural keratin shampoo without parabens or silicones, is ideal for repairing the hair because it exerts a restructuring, firming, moisturizing and nourishing action. In addition, to give an impressive brightness and volume and prevent the fall with its use.
  4. Hydration, hydration and more hydration for your hair: Use more masks, natural oils and conditioners and less dryers, irons and curling irons. To recover your hair you have to change the hair routine and forget, for at least a while, all the heat tools that spoil it. Our Biofiller hair mask with hyaluronic acid is ideal for damaged, brittle and dry hair.
  5. Give a color bath to your hair: There are color baths without ammonia, you will be able to revive the texture of your hair and neutralize it.
  6. If necessary renew your hairbrush: The hairbrushes also have a shelf life, this means that their bristles do not protect as at the beginning as they wear out. If you comb your hair, clean it and sterilize it after brushing will last longer.
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