Se terminaron las vacaciones llegó la hora de ejercitarse

The holidays are over, it's time to exercise

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The holidays are over, it's time to exercise

To keep your skin healthy for your return to University or Work, do not forget to adapt your beauty routine to the sports program you have created. To have a firm and flexible skin like the body (and the mind).



Physical activity has many unsuspected virtues, more if you make it part of your routine.

It will improve your physical condition, it gives us energy to carry out the tasks of daily life, which after the holidays can be so difficult. In fact, regular physical activity is a good way to protect the body against diseases.

It helps stabilize blood pressure, improves sleep, easily fights stress, anxiety and depression, while protecting us from losing autonomy when we reach old age. In addition, if you do resistance exercise, it promotes the production of collagen, as you know, a youthful appearance depends on collagen! to regenerate and firm the skin.


Do simple activities to exercise during the week, after work as; walking, cycling, swimming, running, yoga among others. For example, establish 30 minutes of walking a day at least and 10,000 steps as an ideal. There are many smartphone applications that allow you to observe the number of steps during the day.

Important, never ever... forget hydration and stretching. Always keep your water bottle as a companion during and after your training.

After having made such an effort, it is essential to stretch to relax and avoid muscle aches and cramps. If you take this habit, it will be easier for you to act in your next session.



Let's go to the most pleasant moment ... Shower time! Cold and energized in summer and warm in winter to warm up. Then it will be essential to moisturize the skin, for this there is nothing like a dry oil with firming properties.

Our brand has created an organic dry oil, perfect for moisturizing  the skin, its combination of 3 vegetable oils, softens, nourishes and tones your skin. If you use it after sunbathing, it will prolong the tan, you can be the envy of everybody at work, looking tanned for a longer time.


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