Skincare routine per il cambio di stagione. Consigli per la tua Beauty routine in autunno

Facial routine for the change station. Tips for your skin to adapt perfectly

Facial routine for the change station

Although already several days ago that we entered the new station, it seems that is now when it is definitely the Autumn has been installed to stay. Recover the skin after the summer, high temperatures and exposure to the sun, is a fundamental step for your health. And is that sweat or moisture are some of the factors that affect and harm our skin. Do you want to know how you can retrieve it by maintaining a routine of proper facial? Don't miss this post.


How to change your beauty routine facial for fall?

to Respond to the demands of our skin in the Fall, it is necessary to adapt with ease and without any kind of problem to the new weather. The needs of the skin in each season are not the same, and as a result this does not behave the same way in all seasons. That is why it is necessary to adapt our routines of beauty, the climate of each station. In the Fall and winter months, our skin tends to dry out more as a result of the cold weather that alters the hydrolipidic layer that protects the skin. And in addition to this, we must take into account that the low temperatures and the winds icy is added the dry heat of the heaters, so that our skin will be more sensitive. The result of this mixture can lead to dryness, itching, redness, and even eczemas.


In Zaffiro Organica we offer these tips so that your skin adapts perfectly to the new season:

  • Don´t abuse the scrubs: Given that our skin will be more reactive, it is not worth the abuse of scrubs. Once a week will be more than suficiente.
  • No skimp on hydration: Use a cream more thick and dense. The goal is to hydrate the skin to its maximum and keep it protected, balanced and strengthened. Our recommendation is without a doubt our anti-wrinkle cream Moisturizing and Firming with shea butter, berries of the goji and tomato. Nourishes and deeply hydrates the skin of the face, neck and neckline, protecting it from free radicals. You will also get a lipid barrier stronger and a visible improvement of the skin tissues after the first two weeks, reducing early wrinkles, the most profound, and the formation of the expression lines in the forehead and outline of the labios.
  • Refuerza power: During the seasons of cold is vital to reinforce our diet with nutrients and vitamins that are responsive to the needs of our skin. Include foods rich in essential fatty acids such as oily fish or avocado is a very good option. Fruits, vegetables, and a good dose of fiber will also be key fundamental.
  • No forget around the eyes or moisturize your lips: About all for the night. Our recommendation is our Eye Contour Cream BIO with snail. The best natural remedy to reduce wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles and puffiness under the eyes and in the eyelids. In addition, it is ideal for more sensitive skin and delicadas.


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