STOP a las puntas abiertas! Evítalas y Repáralas con estos consejos

STOP at the open ends! Avoid them and repair them with these tips

STOP at the open ends! Avoid them and repair them with these tips

The truth is that it is relatively easy for the split ends to appear as untimely frayed ends, giving your hair a most careless appearance. But calm, all is not lost, before you give the snip, in Zaffiro Organic we propose a series of guidelines to get rid of them.

STOP at the open ends; Avoid their appearance and forget about them   

Most of the time, split ends are due to excessive use of the hair straighteners. Ideally, avoid them at all costs or use them as little as possible. In addition to that, we should also try not to brush too hard and of course, use products that protect from heat. It is imperative that we provide the right product that not only protects it from the dryer but also all the heat tools such as plates, curling irons and corrugators. Another recommendation is that you opt for natural barbed brushes and wooden combs, as they are much more effective. And above all avoid the combs and brushes to cardar the hair.


For this, at Zaffiro Organica we have created our Biofiller Spray with hyaluronic acid. A nourishing and restructuring Spray that protects hair from heat during combing or moisture. With an aqueous base of vegetable proteins, it fills the hair fiber from the inside, revitalizing and hydrating the hair to give it a healthy, vigorous appearance, with volume and shine.




But not only the styling influences so that the split ends make their appearance, the way of washing the hair also has much to do. And it is that when our hair is more vulnerable is when it is wet, so treating it with care is essential to keep it in good shape. Another way to repair them is to seal them with serums or creams since they soften the ends and give the hair a much more hydrated look. This is the case of our Conditioner with Shea Butter, coconut oil, aloe vera and spirulina.

Used as Leave-in or without rinsing you will get intense hydration and nutrition. It is ideal for dry and frizzy hair and as we say to repair the split ends. We would apply it after washing the hair, on wet hair, in a small dose of product that we massage with the palms of our hands. We will mainly apply it on the tips and lengths. The ideal is not to overdo the doses, to leave no trace of the conditioner.

As you can see there are many factors that make the appearance of the split ends relatively easy: dry hair, shampoos too aggressive, (you can take a look at our 100% natural and toxic free shampoo HERE) dryer temperature too high, stress due to chemical treatments, etc ...

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