Tener unas manos y uñas hermosamente cuidadas

Having a few hands and nails beautifully manicured

gain moistured soft hands and beautiful strong nails

The autumn, the cocoon period ... to pamper your skin! You want to be beautiful to the touch and be ready to face winter, so do not let the arrival of the cold remove beauty from your hands and nails. Act quickly before dryness, redness of the hands, and weak nails develop. 



The skin of the hands is very vulnerable, particularly exposed, with a few protective sebaceous glands and little capillary protection. We use our hands daily: on computer keyboard, housework, gardening, among others. Our hands help us all day, it's up to us to take care of them. 

The most important thing is hydration. Hydrate your hands generously several times a day. Place a small amount of your hand moisturizer on the back of one hand and then with the other spread the product. Also take the time to massage your nails to make them stronger. By doing the same with your cuticles, you will make them more flexible and this will help them growth. Also, once a week, remember to exfoliate dead skin. This will facilitate the penetration of the active ingredients

MASSAGING is essential, so that your skin does not dry out and MAKE YOUR nails STRONGER. You can use a Bio Dry Oil. Make a habit of applying it after each hand wash. Put the oil in the sink to make it more accessible.



For healthy nails, you have to clean them carefully. Use an emery board, instead of a metal file that might be too aggressive. We proceed with a smooth movement, always in the same direction, from left to right or from right to left, but not back and forth. 

If you are a fan of nail polish, always apply a protective base to your nails. It will prevent yellowing and, in addition, will facilitate the application of the varnish. So do not skip this step when you do your manicure. If you can’t leave home without painted nails, choose a nutritious base, but if you can, at least once leave it natural, to let your nails breathe.

Keratin plays a role in the fight against external aggressions, to produce enough naturally, the body needs a large number of vitamins. Eat fruits, vegetables, adopt a diet rich in omega 3 and fatty acids  this will allow their production. Protein-rich foods are also essential for the production of keratin. You can also bring organic supplements for nail care or buy brewer's yeast, which is well known for nail and hair care.

Once a week, treat the cuticle by pushing it back with a cuticle stick, to allow the nail to "breathe". Then soak your hands in a bowl of warm olive oil with lemon juice. Only 10 to 15 minutes will be enough to take effect, and at the same time, take the time to relax. The olive oil nourishes the nails and the lemon juice is used to whiten them. 

Caring for nails is synonymous with relaxation. Important, do not apply too polish or varnish. Be gentle with yourself, to have a smooth skin of your hands. 

As winter approaches, we advise you to protect them from the cold. If you want to show your beautiful hands at all costs,  you can but it is better to protect them from the cold and the risk of dryness by choosing a nice pair of wool gloves.

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