¿Tienes la piel mixta? Aprende a cuidarla correctamente

Do you have mixed skin? Learn to take care of it correctly

Do you have mixed skin? Learn to take care of it correctly

Having mixed skin is the most usual. In fact, the skin of the majority of the population and the one that dermatologists tend to meet more frequently in their queries, are of this type. A mixed skin that is characterized by combining more greasy areas with a bright appearance, with other areas more normal or even dry. It is usually the "T" zone (forehead, nose and chin) the most greasy or with more sebaceous secretion and the part of the temple and cheeks that is usually drier or have a normal appearance.


Mixed skin, the most common of all and the most difficult to care for.


Either by excess or by default, you may not be taking care of it correctly. That's why in Zaffiro Organica we know that this type of skin requires special attention, and for that reason we want to give you the definitive guide of the best recommendations so that you take care of it correctly.


Tips to care for mixed skin

  • To restore the natural water balance of the skin, we recommend using a product that is expressly created for this type of skin. Like our anti-wrinkle cream with snail slime, hyaluronic acid, argan oil, elastin and collagen that helps correct wrinkles, deeply moisturize skin tissues to give the epidermis a healthy, youthful and toned appearance, making skin more elastic , and remove the spots. A 100% natural product. It is also ideal for this time of year, summer, as the brightness in the T area is more accentuated, and we are talking about a light cream, not very creamy. 
  • Do not forget the cleaning: The area T especially, you need to help him to remove fat gently to avoid the appearance of pimples and pimples. It is essential to be thorough with facial cleansing, however, do not abuse it because the most sensitive areas could dry out even more. For this we recommend our Micellar Water with aloe vera, calendula and centáurea. The main function of organic micellar water and free toxic is to clean the skin in depth, eliminating makeup and contamination that clogs the pores of the skin. It is a mild facial cleanser, excellent for sensitive skin does not irritate
  • Exfoliation of the skin: If your skin is mixed-normal with one time it is more than enough. This type of skin requires a rather soft and light facial exfoliation, in this way we ensure a correct facial cleansing without adding extra fat.
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