Una dieta balanceada para un cuerpo saludable.

Balanced diet for a healthy body!

Balanced diet for a healthy body!


Balanced diet for a healthy body!

Our body is the reflection of what we eat. In fact, our eating habits have repercussions in our health. To stay in shape and healthy, it is necessary to adopt a healthy balanced diet. This will positively impact the function of your body, but also your skin and hair. We will give you  tips for a better diet!

Eat a little of everything

A balanced diet is eating a bit of everything!

Fruits and vegetables

Include a serving of fruits or vegetables at each meal. They are your best allies in the search for a healthy diet. With a small portion they can give you a lot of energy, thanks to its high content of nutrients, fiber and antioxidants. The fibers they contain reduce hunger and are essential to regulate intestinal movement. We prefer seasonal fruits and vegetables! They have more flavor, they contain more vitamins and minerals, it is also better for the planet.



Choose your products with cereals! It is advisable to vary the cereals because not all have the same nutritional values. Wheat, oats, buckwheat, rye: there is a great selection! Grains like quinoa and poppy also have a high fiber content that will help you digest better. In addition to being a good alternative to gluten. Avoid processed foods, such as cakes or cookies, that are very fatty, sweet or salty. So, for your snack, prefer fruits!



Meat, fish or vegetable protein, eat it once a day! The meat provides us with essential nutrients (iron, zinc, selenium) but eating too much meat favors certain cancers, the risk of obesity and diabetes, as well as not being good for the planet. Limit red meat (beef, lamb, veal) and sausages once or twice a week. Fish is often forgotten but it is important to eat! It is rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins, omega-3 and fatty acids, it is good for our body.

Or better yet eat vegetable protein such as tofu, seitan, quinoa among others, are good for health and for the planet
This summer, transform your barbecue with your family or friends with fish o vegetable proteins skewers!


Careful with...

- Saturated fats: cookies, cakes, charcuterie, butter, sauces, cheese, fatty meat
- Cakes, sweets and soft drinks
- Refined industrial foods that contain too much sugar, salt, fat, but also preservatives


Take control of your eating routine

Eat a good breakfast to start the day! It gives you all the energy your body needs to start the day right. Take the opportunity to eat eggs, cheese or ham to start the day and have energy. For you, is the morning meal too hard to make? Drink a little water and eat a sandwich in the morning.

Do not forget lunch! At this time, the day is not over, still needs strength, eat properly without doing too much. Avoid overeating because it will make you feel sleepy.

At night, it favors light food! Eating fatty and sugary foods hinders digestion and disturbs sleep. Also avoid stimulants such as alcohol, coffee or tea. Important, do not forget dinner. Without dining, the dream is more complicated.

And do not forget the basic rule: Drink water!


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