Usi la protezione solare?

Do you use the sunscreen?

In summer, many people want to achieve a nice tan, thinking that tanned skin is more beautiful and above all believing that sunscreen prevents us from achieving this goal.

Nothing more wrong! Sun protection is essential, our skin or a suntan, it is not able to protect us from the harmful rays of the sun as UVA and UVB rays and the color which we take in reality is the oxidation of our melanin that intervenes right to defend ourselves.

Recent studies have shown that some sunscreens present in the cream can penetrate the stratum corneum ( the most superficial layer of our skin ) until you get in the blood. There are still no scientific studies on the real damage of this consequence, but there are several on the prevention of cancer of the by using security. Avoid sunburn prevents melanoma, sunscreen is essential, and must be chosen according to our skin type.

A correct use of sun protection and provides that you apply the cream before sun exposure, preferably then, when we are still in the house, about 15-20 before. The correct amount for an adult is about 30 for the whole body, 2gr only for the face. It is important to reapply it often, at least every two hours or after every bath. Most people burn because it doesn't put the right amount of cream or why not reapply often during the day, these data have emerged from scientific studies.

On the basis of our skin or any issues we can suffer, we can choose the type of sun protection for us and its formulation. Our creams are formulated only with filters minerals, contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which have a strong anti-inflammatory action, useful for those who have delicate skin or problems. Also, a cream is formulated with filters mineral ( physical ) is approved that will give us greater protection and more uniform for the fact that it is less liquid than one with a chemical filter, allows us to put the right layer being more complex spreads.

he is also the indication that they are not exposed in the central hours and trust me, with the protection you abbronzerete even more, the color will be more durable, you will not have rashes or spellamenti and, above all, you will avoid the risk of developing melanoma in the future, which have greater impacts in the first 18 years of exposure to the sun and sunburn.

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