Historia Línea Zaffiro Baby

Zaffiro Baby Line Story


We will thank Baby Jacks countless times, because when our reason for living darkens and there are desperate cries and sumo fights in every diaper change, he will be the one to save us. Yes, both of them. We will love its aroma of saffron so special, but even more so the soothing and anti-inflammatory properties of marigold, the nutrition provided by shea butter and the softness left by rice bran oil.


Sweet Penny will keep us company in the tenderest moments, after a bath, when we gently bite our baby (those rolls are irresistible), we will moisturize and soothe your skin of the body. Suitable also for the face, especially when the cold can cause that face that we have kept for 9 months inside us to crack. Vitamin E, wheat germ oil and chamomile make this cream particularly moisturizing and anti-inflammatory.


Baby Liam arrives to remind us that we are now a team. It's you and me and I have to take care of you as much as you do. We can do it together! The soothing and moisturizing oil with notes of jasmine, rose and virginia cedar, enriched with 5 vegetable oils, not only pampers and softens your skin during gentle and slow massages (colic spoiler), but also counteracts imperfections and stretch marks. However, we are proud of them because they tell our story. However, we can also pamper ourselves, using it in the postpartum to hydrate and during pregnancy to try to prevent them, thanks to its elastizing action.


Baby Manu will be our ace up our sleeve, when we crave those laughs that we have only imagined for months, we will unleash the shampoo-detergent 2-1, able to create wonderful bubbles that in our hearts we hope will also be so hypnotic as to make you sleep peacefully afterwards. Ultra delicate enriched with argan oil, olive oil and soy proteins. It can also be used directly on the skin, without irritating the eyes or mucous membranes.



For many people, the perfect number is 3.


In this story, however, the perfect number is 4. Four, like Madagascar penguins, like Ninja turtles, like musketeers (well, there were 3 plus 1, but D'Artagnan can't exclude him), like the Beatles and the elements on whose balance depends on human life and survival of the cosmos. And there are always four cardinal points, which for all are North, South, West and East. For everyone except one person. For Cinzia, co-founder of Zaffiro Organica, her cardinal points are called Manu, Penny, Liam and Jacks. Yes, because this story is also, and perhaps above all, a love story. Cinzia's love for her four nephews. It is because of them that he has studied and worked continuously for months and months to create the new Bio Baby line, the latest addition to the Zaffiro family.

She has created the line especially for them, because there is no better gesture of love than taking care of those you love. Because babies' skin tastes like milk and cookies and is as delicate as a kiss on the forehead. Because I wanted to give them the safety of the highest quality products, the delicacy of natural ingredients and tell their maternal instinct and their unwavering bond with them through perfumes, delicate textures and immense research of raw materials. Baby Manu Shampoo, Sweet Penny Face & Body; Body Cream, Liam Mother and Baby Oil and Baby Jacks Diaper Change Cream were born, the 4 essential products of any baby routine. All our products are organic, hypoallergenic, with natural ingredients certified one by one and suitable for sensitive and atopic skin. When you're love and all you want is to share it with as many people as possible, all the answers become simple, getting an unelike end product.