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The trend "Free of..." : Free of silicones, parabens, gluten, salt etc.

by Zaffiro Organica on May 04, 2018

Organic or inorganic shampoo for our hair? 

We constantly use products that can affect our body and hair with the chemicals that they contain, so it is good to read the composition of each product on its label, where we find ingredients listed in descending order according to their quantity used. Sadly, many of the ingredients used make our hair suffer when exposed to the sun,  the hair dryer,  Hair Straighteners and hair dye products that can cause hair loss, brittle and dry hair. In terms of the ingredients, these are the main ones to avoid: Parabens, Silicone, sulphates and salt.

Parabens, for example, are a substance that prevents cosmetic products from spoiling and retaining their effectiveness.

Generally, the parabens in cosmetics do not have risks for the skin since little quantity is used, in fact, the Spanish Agency of Medicine takes care that no cosmetic product in the market could do harm to our health.  

However, in 2004 the University of Reading, Edinburgh, launched a study which shows that parabens could affect our skin by creating skin cancer. 


And what are sulfates?

Sulfates are present in most of all cleaning products, they are not toxic, but the problem is that they can adhere to the skin, leaving residues that can cause irritation on the scalp. 


Why SALT is not so good for hair?

The purpose of the salt in the shampoo is to clean the hair, however, it can cause dryness and irritate the scalp as well as excess frizz and dehydration.

That's why shampoos free of salt, parabens and sulfates help to revive your hair and scalp from the harsh treatments caused by the use of traditional products. 


What are the benefits of organic hair shampoo?  

Organic Shampoos have ingredients such as Keratin, Aloe Vera, Rosemary, Calendula and Oatmeal that serve specially people with sensitive scalps or allergies to chemicals that often generate dryness and irritation. They help to nourish and clean hair from top to ends, protect from sun and hair dyes, give more vitality and volume without altering the natural balance and help strengthen a healthy hair growth. 


We recommend our organic shampoo and conditioner with keratin, without silicones, without salt, without parabens! 

by Vanessa on May 22, 2018

Dopo un trattamento decolorante notavo i miei capelli estremamente sfibrati e danneggiati! Ho deciso di provare la combinazione shampoo e balsamo e devo constatare che già dopo solo due settimane non notavo più le doppie punte e i miei capelli risultavano setosi e luminosi come un tempo! Di solito lascio agire il balsamo per dieci minuti e avvolgo i capelli con della pellicola il risultato é fantastico. Olio di cocco miele e burro di karité sono degli ottimi ingredienti contenuti nel balsamo nutrono al 100% i capelli,se provate entrambi noterete un ottima profumazione avvolgere la vostra chioma!!!Consiglio a tutti di provarli assolutamente!

by Teresa Urbins Castellon on May 22, 2018

Quiero saber donde lo encuentro para comprar en Chile


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