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Zaffiro Organica was born in 2016 by the great desire of two italian sisters Cinzia Damiano y Ilaria Damiano, to create a new line of organic products: for all those who make important decision revolving their health. Our vegan cosmetics are of the highest quality, toxic free substances, and untested animals. A unique and innovative formula created for Man and Woman. We collaborate with an Italian laboratory expert in certified organic cosmetics. Our products are only produce with natural ingredients, which are carefully selected with the help of experts. Our products transmit a well-being feeling to the skin and body providing a youthful and healthy look.  We are 100% Cruelty Free company, we love animals, we care deeply about them and considered them our best friends. For this reason we walk hand in hand with the mindset, that we must take care of nature. 

Zaffiro Organica inspires to love nature and yourself, for a better, non-toxic, and CRUELTY FREE world. If you want to change the world, you have come to the right place.  Be part of our family our customers satisfaction is very important to us and we love them deeply. 100% Guaranteed - Made in Italy

With Zaffiro Organica, your skin and your mind will thank you!