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Do you know how to use our Biofiller products? We explain you how you get the best results

by Zaffiro Organica on February 13, 2019

Biofiller hair mask and spray with hyaluronic acid


Biofiller hair mask and spray with hyaluronic acid. The best natural recipe for the care and beauty of goddess hair. 


If you haven’t tried our mask and Hyaluronic Acid Biofiller Spray yet, you still don’t know what's missing in your hair ... Read our article carefully and discover its wonderful organic ingredients, such as Hyaluronic Acid and all its great effects for hair care worthy of a movie 💚🎬

What is the Biofiller mask

Nourish, repair, moisturize and revitalize from the inside to bring out all the beauty and health on the outside. In short, you will get softer, shinier and much hair volume, avoiding split ends and frizz. And if your hair is curly, you're lucky, because the Biofiller mask is the best ally to define your loop perfectly. 

What is the Biofiller Spray for? 

The Biofiller Spray not only protects your hair from heat from straighteners and hair dryers, but also from moisture. It will fill the hair fiber, revitalize and moisturize the hair and give a healthy and vigorous appearance, volume and a lot of shine. 

The star ingredients are goji berries and bamboo extract that strengthen the hair and prevent split ends. On the other hand, silk proteins, flaxseed and vegetable keratin make the hair soft and easy to comb. 


Biofiller hair mask and spray with hyaluronic acid


Who is the mask and Biofiller Spray for? 

For all types of hair. Especially if they are damaged, smooth and if the hair is fragile, weak or dry. 

Natural organic ingredients: 

• Hyaluronic acid: It is an excellent ingredient for the reconstruction of the hair. Its impressive ability to absorb large amounts of water and store moisture will restore a hair in good shape. To give you an idea, it is estimated that one gram of hyaluronic acid can absorb up to 3 liters of water. Which brings a wonderful and necessary "sponge" function for dry and damaged hair. 

• Hemp seed oil: Ideal for dry hair because it nourishes a lot thanks to its high concentration of vitamins A, B, D, E and Omega 3 proteins. 

• Shea Butter: Used for centuries to relieve the itching of dry scalp and dandruff. They call it "the conditioner of mother nature". 

• Coconut oil: In India, coconut oil has been used since ancient times to prevent hair loss. With Vitamin E, it retains moisture by moisturizing your hair to the fullest. It also adds a sweet and refreshing aroma of the most enjoyable. 

• Bamboo extract: By extracting its juice, we obtain a natural product rich in silicon, iron, calcium and potassium. And all this in the hair results in incredible elasticity and quality; moreover, thanks in particular to silicon, the process of collagen production is accelerated. 

• Castor oil: Contains 70-77% triglycerides of ricinoleic acid. It is considered a delicacy of natural cosmetics, avoiding open ends and strengthening the hair. 

• Silk Protein: The main benefit of this protein is to help repair and revitalize the hair. A velvety, soothing and moisturizing action. 

• Vegetable keratin: it is rich in sulfur, the mineral being the largest percentage. Keratin nourishes and strengthens the hair, restoring its structure. 

• Goji berries: they are antioxidants, they delay the aging and result in strong and soft hair. 

How to use the Biofiller mask? 

  1. After using the restructuring shampoo and rinsing it, you need to wring the hair off with your towel and apply a small amount of mask in the palm of your hand. You can now gently apply it on your hair from root to tip, then leave it on for at least 5 minutes. Then you can rinse it, preferably with hot water, the result will be visible from the first use! Indeed, your hair will be bigger, shiny and incredibly smooth and silky. We recommend an application at least 2 times a week. 
  2. Another use is possible in prewash before the shampoo, moisten your hair with a spray of water. Apply the mask from root to tip and leave on for at least 30 minutes until one hour. Then rinse (preferably with warm water), wash the hair with the restructuring shampoo, then apply the conditioner and, surprisingly, your hair is repaired, nourished and shiny, incredibly soft to the touch. 

How to use Biofiller spray? 

After the shower, dry your hair with a towel and shake the product to spray on damp hair. As it doesn’t leave a greasy feeling, you can apply it from root to tip without any problem. Leave to dry naturally or dry with a hair dryer. 


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