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crema viso con pomodoro antimacchia

Yummy tomato!

Here we go with our first post, how exciting ! We are going to reveal the secret ingredient contained in our cream: Tomato extract!  Tomatoes are rich in water, minerals...
by Zaffiro Organica on May 13, 2021
Consigli di belleza per una gravidanza radiosa

Beauty tips for a radiant maternity

      In most cases, when we hear the word "pregnancy", we immediately think about an imminent weight gain, swelling and other physical aspects, not as pleasant as we...
by Zaffiro Organica S.C.P. J66963976 on January 10, 2021
Le vitamine di cui pelle e capelli hanno bisogno

Vitamins required for your skin and your hair

The vitamin C brightens, the vitamin prevents cell damage and vitamin E has a high power anti-aging. But there's more... find out what vitamins you need to have the beautiful...
by Communitymanager shopify on June 18, 2020
Antiossidanti: rinforza il sistema immunitario mentre ti prendi cura della pelle

Antioxidants: strengthens your immune system while you take care of your skin

You've probably heard a lot about the antioxidants and the positive effect they can have on the general health of your body. This is a great time to learn more...
by Communitymanager shopify on March 31, 2020
Esposizione solare: conseguenze negative e positive sulla nostra pelle

Sunscreen: You're probably not using it the best way for your skin

It might seem intuitive or even common sense, to use sunscreen specifically in case of  prolonged exposure to the sunlight (especially if you have sensitive skin), to avoid the known health...
by Communitymanager shopify on March 23, 2020
Regalo per San Valentino

Gift for Valentine's Day 2020

  Do you want to surprise your girlfriend, your mother or your best friend this Valentine's Day? Nothing better than to give beauty and health to natural cosmetic lovers! Buy your...
by Communitymanager shopify on February 10, 2020